Zoo Habitat 3 / OUALALOU+CHOI

  • Architect:OUALALOU+CHOI
  • Location:Rabat, Morocco
  • Date:2016
  • Area:52 810 m2
  • Client:Prestigia
  • Budget:32 m€

Zoo Habitat 3

Zoo Habitat 3  – Description from OUALALOU+CHOI.

Residential complex 358 units

This superblock is the only complex in the neighborhood which is solely composed of social housing units. The project attempts to humanize the scale of this enormous project by verticalizing the volume into a series of visually individual buildings.

Zoo Habitat 3
© Lilia Sellami

The overwhelming repetition of identical apartment units is obscured by simple variations of window , loggia, and balcony treatments, and a restrained material palette emphasizes the elegant massing of the volumes. In keeping with the adjacent residential buildings, the project also incorporates galleries on the ground level and penthouses on the roof in order to establish a harmonious urban skyline.


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