Zoo Habitat 1 / OUALALOU+CHOI

  • Architect:OUALALOU+CHOI
  • Location:Rabat, Morocco
  • Date:2016
  • Area:28 500 m 2
  • Client:Prestigia
  • Budget:17 m€

Zoo Habitat 1 

Zoo Habitat 1  – Description from OUALALOU+CHOI.

Residential complex of 113 units

Within the urban project proposed by OUALALOU+CHOI on the previous site of the city zoo, this housing project is the first of several large “ superblocks” to be developed on the site. Each building block harbors a portion of the greater park within its perimeter. Thus, the blocks collectively de-urbanize the site by creating extremely large parks within the boundaries defined by the buildings.

Zoo Habitat 1

On the street side, the buildings present urban facades which distinguish one building from another in a vertical rhythm along the street. Continuous galleries on the ground level and a series of penthouses on the roof level establish a consistent urban profile. On the garden side, the buildings present a coherent language which unifies all the volumes into one harmonious background for the large communal park.


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