Zimbali Home / Nefertiti Designs

  • Architect:Nefertiti Design
  • Location:KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • Others:Residential Project Under £1M Category in the 2015 Edition of the SBID Awards - International Design Excellence Awards

Zimbali Home

Zimbali Home – Description Courtesy of SBID.

Located within the magnificent Zimbali Coastal Resort in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, which extends over 700 hectares, the property stands as a monument to fine taste and exceptional design. The client’s brief was to use a mix of old-world and new-world design elements to create a home-away-from-home that would reflect the calm and simple beauty of the natural surroundings yet offer the best in fine finishes and luxurious living.

Courtesy of SBID (Society of British and International Design).

An exclusive sanctuary amid the surrounding indigenous flora and fauna, the property is a perfect amalgam of modern sensibilities and timeless design. On entering the home, the presence of the old world, the new world, and nature is immediately apparent, as one is confronted by an ornate gilded mirror, custom-designed pendant lighting and stone-clad walls. The different textures and styles harmonised by the use of a muted colour palette throughout the home, which lends the interiors a cool, elegant atmosphere.

Courtesy of SBID (Society of British and International Design).

The presence of cashmere, velvet, crystals, and feathers in the soft furnishings deepens the sense of wonderful ‘differentness’ that flows through the property. As a further example of the home’s uniqueness, each room has a custom-designed silk rug, hand-crafted in India using an inspirational pattern chosen by the design team to reflect the essence of the particular space.
When furnishing the prestigious property, Nefertiti Designs focused on showcasing striking elements throughout, using antique Italian mirrors, handcrafted furniture, unique wallpaper and beautiful lighting.

Courtesy of SBID (Society of British and International Design).

Each piece of furniture was designed and custom made for the project. What makes this home so appealing is its underlying spirit of fine craftsmanship, dedicated artistry, and high-quality finishes. It is undoubtedly an abode that demonstrates the sophisticated taste and elegance and exclusive creations of Nefertiti Designs, which characteristically captured the essence of space.
















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