WWF SA Braamfontein / Alive Architecture

  • Architect:Alive Architecture
  • Location:Braamfontein, South Africa
  • Awards:Commended project in AfriSam SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture + Innovation 2015/2016

WWF SA Braamfontein

WWF SA Braamfontein – Description from Afrisam.

The WWF building in Braamfontein, the first 6-Star GBCSA Design Rating on a brownfields site in South Africa was a restorative project in a heritage building dated back to 1905. The primary focus of the design of the building was centered on the maximisation of the site parameters whilst recycling most of the existing materials within the site and showcasing the raw aspects of the original building by leaving certain walls unfinished in the original brickwork.

Africa Architecture Design
Courtesy of Afrisam.

The building which enforces the WWF sustainable ethos has a serious implementation of green technologies – features of the building include a wastewater treatment plant, water harvesting, natural ventilation to all offices areas with additional forced air changes (no air-conditioning is done), double glazed fenestration, automated blinds and LED lighting linked to a building management system, solar geyser for the shower and kitchen areas, reclaimed/re-used materials for building and furniture items, the inclusion of bicycle racks, the exposure of base materials to allow for building thermal activation and the use of recycled materials for the construction of the concrete slabs within the building.


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