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Since its establishment in 2001, Wonda World has steadily climbed its way to become a leader in the Ghanaian Real Estate Development industry, as well as the West-African sub-region at large. Guided by the passion and commitment of founder and CEO Nana Kwame Bediako, the firm continues to transform the region skyline. The company specializes in the construction of Residential, Commercial, National and Industrial developments.

Wonda World Estates began as a side project for founder and CEO Nana Kwame Bediako. The firm initially focused on maximizing land usage by building two houses on one plot. Nana Kwame lived in one house while the other was being built, then sold the first and moved to the second one. That same strategy of maximization has led to the creation of hundreds of homes in the country, solidifying Wonda World’s role as one of West Africa’s best urban planning firms.

Avenue Lincoln. Courtesy of Wonda World.

What was once two houses is now a building output of 200 units every 18 months. In fact, the company has created a trademark of recognizable buildings in Accra’s best neighborhoods and is currently preparing an additional 1,000 homes in the public sector. Wonda World’s history is based on the belief that quality must be guaranteed, and that the vision we build is better than the picture we draw.

Each of Wonda World’s developments is a game changer. From changing the nation’s skyline to utilizing cutting-edge technology to maximize space beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, Wonda World creates a lifestyle that everybody wants to to follow.

Kwarleyz Apartments. Courtesy of Wonda World.

Recognizing the need for additional real estate opportunities in Ghana’s market, Wonda World broke ground on Avenue Lincoln in 2013. This landmark project set the standard for gated communities in Accra and became the country’s first multipurpose townhouse community. State-of-the-art facilities and ample security allow for a diverse array of tenants; Avenue Lincoln houses, offices, apartments, and townhouses all within a single community. This innovation led to Avenue Lincoln becoming a national landmark within Ghana.

Another hallmark development was Kwarleyz Apartments, which adhered to the same set of standards as high-end buildings but targeted young professionals and expats of all income levels looking for smaller apartments. Next, came The Vynyard, a secluded apartment building with a museum-like atmosphere ideal for all residents, whether they be roommates, older couples, or growing families.

No. 1 Oxford Street. Courtesy of Wonda World.

Wonda World moved its focus toward utilization with the creation of No. 1 Oxford Street. This mixed-use development fully integrated both residential and commercial spaces in Accra’s prime location, the thriving metropolis of Osu. Though plenty of shopping and dining opportunities are nearby, residents can find the same quality experiences right in their own building.

Looking forward, Wonda World plans to further revolutionize Ghana’s real estate market by building Ritz Carlton’s First Beach Front ,a  mixed-use space. The development will include 400 residential units, 400 hotel rooms, retail stores, office spaces, and recreational centers. This scale of investment will likely result in the nation’s largest resort, which will ultimately attract investors for a new marina. This is a significant project for all of West Africa, the potential for developing a marina at Beach Front would signify a new vision of investment and sea defense, being  the first of its kind in all of West Africa.

Double W. Courtesy of Wonda World.

The company’s innovation continues with West Africa’s first office building connected to an apartment building, which will be called Double W. The development will boast of over 20 exclusive apartments, over 5,000 square meters of commercial space, a helipad, world-class swimming pool amongst other amenities.

Wonda World’s future doesn’t stop at the ocean. The firm also has plans to enter the national and industrial development sectors. In doing so, Wonda World will revolutionize Ghana and the continent.





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