Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Vincent Callebaut Architectures 

Kings Forest
Kings Forest

Kings Forest -By the architecture, the project reflects the magnificent character of the site and in order to become a part of the landscape. Three main architectural typologies are inspired by the Nature and coexist to create echoes to the sensuality of the hills on the skyline, to the majestic verticality of the cedar forest and to the biodiversity of the wheat field and the flourishing glade.Effectively, the VIP Leaf chalets respond to the hills by offering to the Client a panoramic view toward the mountains. The vertical Nest Chalets enrich the strong identity of the forest with their spiraling wooden carpentry. The Wave chalets are embedded and camouflaged… Read more


The Gate Residence

The Gate Residence -In the heart of this New Cairo, the «Gate Residence» is an innovative design idea of Green Building, representing the combination of Trees and Building and metamorphosing the city into a vertical, green, dense and hyper-connected ecosystem. The main objective behind this urban proposal is to raise awareness of green sustainable architecture to fight against global warming in order to maintain an eco-friendly Earth for our next generation.The project shows a high ambition in green energy and technology… Read more







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