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Urko Sanchez Architects

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Red Pepper House

Red Pepper House – Located on the island of Lamu towards the north end of the town, the plot is immersed in vegetation and bordered by the beach on its southeast slopes. The forest, consisting mainly of mangroves, provides very few open spaces in between and hosts an abundance of chirping birds. These natural features enable the development of a building whose design creates a harmonious dialogue with its surroundings. Without being completely isolated from the local population, its location provides a space where privacy is safeguarded by the nature that surrounds it… Read more




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SOS Children’s Village

SOS Children’s Village  A medina for children designed according to extreme weather conditions and community traditions. Djibouti is located in the Horn of Africa, which suffers from persistent droughts and severe scarcities. We were approached by SOS Kinderdorf to design a residential compound of 15 houses where to run their family-strengthening programmes. We learnt about SOS systems, about the community where the project would take place, their nomadic traditions and the extreme climate of the region… Read more


Tudor Apartments

Tudor Apartments – Tudor Apartments is an intimate project of 14 apartments in Tudor Creek-Mombasa. Enveloped in a musharabieh structural shell, the building is distinctive in its creative design, ensuring privacy and optimizing natural ventilation&lighting. We took the challenge of translating our contemporary Swahili style to a groundbreaking high-rise structure where the apartments benefit from the experience of outdoor living, contact with nature and the integration of the surroundings into each private home… Read more


Four Houses in Manzooni

Four Houses in Manzooni – A very special, Machakos-based client asked Urko Sanchez Architects to develop a house which featured, mainly, a thatched roof and contemporary architecture. Accordingly, our team did a tremendous amount of investigative research on thatched roofing in South Africa where there is copious experience in building this type of resourceful, eco-friendly covering… Read more



Lamu House Hotel

Lamu House Hotel – Lamu House was a dream come true, and it marked the beginning of so many other things for me. I became personally involved in all aspects, everything from financing, design and building; it took three years to complete. The main part of the hotel is an 18th century home and the rest is new construction, a combination which completely integrates the island feel and its surroundings… Read more



Swahili Dreams
Swahili Dreams

Swahili Dreams -This project represents an innovation in the Island. Set in the heart of Lamu Town and resembling Lamu House in its atmosphere, these apartments embrace a completely new concept – privately-owned condominiums… Read more




Vipingo Club House
Vipingo Club House

Vipingo Club House – This building is a good example of what I call contemporary Swahili architecture with its high ceilings, traditional décor, and 21st century conveniences. The clubhouse is the heart of a residential development on the coast situated on two 18-hole golf courses… Read more




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