The “HARD TALK” happens at DIGITAL KNOWLEDGE LOUNGE from 23-24 May in Johannesburg

The hard talk between the Built Environment, technology vendors, construction experts and academia happens from 23-24 May 2017 at the Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg.

The “Open Knowledge Lounge” is your window into the world of digital construction.

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Here local and international industry experts, consultants and influencers from academia and other institutions will discuss the “Digital needs of the Construction Industry,” while unpacking the strides that have been taken, and the road that the South African industry still needs to travel to fully unlock the true value of these tools.

Topics such as 3D-printing in construction, collaboration across design and engineering, the Internet of things, Software as a Service (SaaS) and BIM (Building Information Modelling) are discussed.

At the same time, you will meet hundreds of exhibitors from across the construction supply chain. The expo with the latest technologies for the entire Built Environment, free workshops and a “drone zone” invite architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and any other professional in the construction industry to get to grips with the latest trends.

Co-located events


Says Programme Director and Executive Director of the BIM Institute, Vaughan Harris,

Whilst knowledge and education are worthwhile, gaining full understanding from Building Information Modelling – BIM means engaging fully with stakeholders across the board, from institutions, government, suppliers to FM teams – this is easier said than done. The debate starts here!

Who will be on the panel of speakers?

The panel will be chaired by the BIM Institute’s executive director, Vaughan Harris.

Invited panel speakers include senior representatives from * HDR International Executive (Germany), * CANBIM (Canadian BIM Council), SAIA, ASAQS, SAICE, SARMA,, CIOB, Cidb, Wits University and NMMU University.

*) Invited


For the full programme with hot topics such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), the multibillion dollar drone industry and 3D printing, please visit: or contact Julia Barton-Hill on

About the BIM Institute

BIM-INSTITUTEThe overriding objective of the BIM Institute is to promote the development and improvement of information technology processes in the construction industry.

The BIM Institute and its solution providers recognize that a successful construction industry is essential to us all and now is the time for us to rethink our quality control systems for us all to benefit. We wish to see the dramatic improvements by helping deliver the standards and requirements of the Building Information Modelling strategy for Africa while also promoting other information technology processes and standards in our industry that can help strengthen South Africa’s construction industry for the future of any construction project implementation and beyond.

The BIM Institute are in alliance with organisations within the construction and facilities management sectors dedicated to improving processes within the industry through defining the use and sharing of information.

The current work being carried out by the BIM Institute includes:

Partners and affiliated members within the BIM Institute include architects, engineers, contractors, building owners, facility managers, manufacturers, software vendors, information providers, universities and more.

We encourage all industry members from every part of our industry to join the BIM Institute as an individual or company. When we collectively use information technology or BIM, everyone stands to gain.

For further information

For further information about the Event, please visit their website.

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