Red Bull HQ Cape Town / COA

Red Bull HQ Cape Town

Red Bull HQ Cape Town  – Description from COA.

We were tasked with creating head office brand architecture in Cape Town to fit the brand ethos and vision of Red Bull.

Red Bull is a really creative client with relative budget to achieve the vision. As a client they were willing to experiment and open to investigating various design solutions to achieve the desired effect. It was fun working with the various users that frequented the space, from the professional sportspeople, to DJ’s to break-dancers.

© Michal Korycki

We were able to re-interpret the old fashioned ideas around the meeting room, with both informal and formal meeting areas, all within the practical yet playful parameters. We loved working with the various graffiti artists such as Faith from Cape Town who was involved to ensure the artwork was implemented into the actual fabric of the building.

© Michal Korycki

A chic, open-plan space featuring glass panels, leather upholstery, industrial-style ceilings, creative lighting, and a striking mixture of colours and textures.

Desks inspired by skate ramps, sports-themed collectors’ items, giant action-sport images of athletes who represent the brand and hang-out zones with energy drink fridges and arcade games.

 Red Bull HQ Cape Town





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