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Oudebosch Camp Kogelberg / Architecture Coop

  • Architect:Architecture Coop
  • Location:Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, Western Cape, South Africa
  • Date:2012
  • Awards:AfriSam SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture + Innovation 2015/2016 - Sustainable Architecture

Oudebosch Camp Kogelberg

Oudebosch Camp Kogelberg – Description from Afrisam.

Kogelberg is tucked away in the mountains above Betty’s Bay, within a protected wilderness area in the Kogelberg Biosphere, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This breathtaking biodiversity hotspot is of extremely high conservation value It is known as the Heart of the Fynbos. A rugged and ancient landscape, a wilderness of jagged, folded mountain peaks which cradles streams, rivers, seeps, and wetlands which criss-cross the faulted landscape creating myriad habitats for the 1650 fynbos species.

Courtesy of Afrisam.
Courtesy of Afrisam.

A careful path to crafting a sustainable, environmentally responsive and low impact strategy for settlement evolved. Nurtured by the think tank multi-disciplinary team, mined and mapped, unravelled, uncovered and unpicked the secrets of the site ecology. Thus begun ‘hands on’ iterative journey to build a vision and grow the buildings from the seeds of understanding the site. The buildings are modestly scaled, lightweight, stilted, basket like, with roofs planted, and set on banded stone bases. These simple structured shelters reflect the natural qualities of landscape.

Courtesy of Afrisam.
Courtesy of Afrisam.

Hovering decks, terraced ground, large slide away openings allow spaces to grasp and touch the mountainscape lightly. The palette of natural, local, renewable, low embodied energy, non toxic materials and components develops the low impact sustainable qualities of the project. Low tech simple passive design principles underpin crafting of the building envelope which is shaped for the shifting seasons. Open structures breath crisp mountain air and bask in natural light.


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