Medical housing compound / Studio TAMassociati

  • Architect:Studio TAMassociati
  • Location:Soba, Khartoum, Sudan
  • Date:2007-2009
  • Area:Area: 8.663 sq. metres. Covered surface: 1668 sq. metres.
  • Client:Emergency ngo
  • Awards:Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2013

Medical housing compound.

Medical housing compound – Description from Studio TAMassociati.

Looking at the amount of discarded containers laying around the building site of the Salam Centre we had this simple idea: to use them again in order to realize the required international staff housing compound.

Courtesy of Studio TAMassociati.
Courtesy of Studio TAMassociati.

The Compound placed besides the Hospital, in the surroundings of the Nile river, is realized around a great courtyard full of wonderful mango trees. It consists of 95 20ft-containers for housing and 7 40ft-containers for the cafeteria. Every lodging is 20 sqm and is realized with one and a half containers; the lodging is composed of bedroom, bathroom and a small veranda on the court side.

Courtesy of Studio TAMassociati.
Courtesy of Studio TAMassociati.

Peculiar care has been dedicated to insulation and energy saving. The containers are insulated with a “layer system”. Inside the container 5 cm insulating panels have been placed. The outside “skin” is realized with a second insulated roof and a bamboo brise-soleil panel system. In this way the sunrays never hit the containers. This system involves a huge energy saving. Solar panels also supply hot water for the entire compound.

Courtesy of Studio TAMassociati.
Courtesy of Studio TAMassociati.

MORE CREDITSProgram coordinator: Emergency Technical Office,Pietro Parrino; Project: Studio tamassociati Raul Pantaleo, Massimo Lepore, Simone Sfriso, con Pietro Parrino e Gino Strada; Structural engineering: Francesco Steffinlongo; Mechanical/services engineering: Nicola Zoppi; Site engineer: Roberto Crestan, Alessandro Tamai, Claudio Gatti; Builder: ISNAD Sudan.


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