MASA Studio

MASA Studio 

MASA STUDIO is a multi-disciplinary architecture firm believing in internazionalition as essential quality and working in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Urban Studies and GIS. The main fields of activity concern the environmental sustainability and building renovation with focus on the relationship between architectural design and environment. The activities of the studio focuses on interior refurbishment, private and public buildings, landscape design, residential complex, building renovation, office and boutique refurbishment, urban law, scientific research about land use and GIS. In recent years the activities of MASA STUDIO has focused on architectural design in developing countries: a school complex in Lybia, a New Public Library for University of Tripoli and Prefab Modules for Laboratories in Equatorial Guinea. Projects currently underway are several interior designs, an innovative residential complex with wooden earthquake proof “platform frame” structure and a building renovation (demolition and rebuilding) without increase of land use.

Hostel for Hope
Hostel for Hope Competition Winner

Hostel for Hope Competition Winner – The idea for project research is born from the desire to respect and recreate the characteristics of the rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa, present place of majority guests for the future hostel. The study of the characteristic organization and the type of households in rural areas is the starting point of the projectRead more










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