Lamu House Hotel / Urko Sanchez Architects

Lamu House Hotel

Lamu House Hotel   –  Description of Urko Sanchez Architects.

Lamu House was a dream come true, and it marked the beginning of so many other things for me. I became personally involved in all aspects, everything from financing, design and building; it took three years to complete. The main part of the hotel is an 18th century home and the rest is new construction, a combination which completely integrates the island feel and its surroundings.

© Alberto Heras

In doing this project, I was inspired by Swahili architecture but also by 21st century Western influence, especially Spanish. Lamu House is meant to give clients a sense of living naturally in an old-world atmosphere. That ancient tradition of design and hospitality allows people to dream, to experience Lamu as it was meant to be.





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