How to: Add bespoke lighting to a design

From the ‘How to’ series by ARRCC

To design a truly personalised space that reflects the client’s personality and style, it is often necessary to create bespoke items that add uniqueness to a room. For this purpose, interior designers should find credible industry experts to assist them to create custom interior elements, including furniture and lighting.

Lighting plays an important role in creating the required ambience in a room and, if used correctly, will not only amplify the interior design but also enhance how clients experience a space.  Often projects boast open, expansive spaces and volumes that call for bold feature lights to occupy and enhance those interiors.

A good example is the bespoke, bangle-like light fitting that was designed by ARRCC in collaboration with David Reade, Bronze Age and Martin Doller, for a project in Cape Town, South Africa. The suspended sculptural light delicately crowns the eclectic chic interior below.

Ocean blues, indigos and teals in the varying shaped blown-glass ‘beads’ reference the house’s beach location and embellish the tarnished brass-patinated stainless steel links. The fitting has been given ample space to breathe and dance before the bleached timber cladding as the backdrop – creating visual interest both from below and at eye level on the first floor walkway. Careful attention was given to not impede any views.

Creatively and technically conceptualising a bespoke feature light installation and seeing it through from initial sketches to installation is one of the most challenging yet rewarding aspects of interior design.

A custom chandelier was also designed by ARRCC for a residential spa in Cape Town. The rippled bronze ceiling disk hovers over the extenzo ceiling, gently reflecting the globular hand blown glass ‘bubbles’ below. Aquatic colour queues were taken from the surrounding oxidized copper and Monet marble accents seen in the surrounding architecture.

For a project in Russia, the designers worked with the client to conceptualise a feature light, taking visual cues from the dynamic architectural features of the house.  The design needed to be calm and tranquil with the light seamlessly floating under the glass fin roof structure that opens up to the skies.  The design was created in collaboration with Lasvit, who are known to transform glass into magnificent light and design experiences.

The end result is a light installation that is graceful and flowing, resembling a ‘flock of birds’ and ‘falling feathers’. With the use of iridescent iris tinted glass and the light falling on the individual reflective elements, it complements the architecture in an immaculate way.

By constantly innovating and creating unique elements for each project, designers can ensure that each client’s project is highly personalised and truly exudes their style.


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