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Gahini Church – Description from Light Earth Designs LLP.

A Spiritual Exploration of Space

An exciting design proposal for a new Anglican church for a congregation of 2000 people near Lake Muhazi, one hours drive north of Kigali.

Courtesy of Light Earth Designs LLP

The plan is octagonal, loosely based on a cross, with parabolic concrete ribs spanning  36 meters between the eight vertices. Simple parabolic tiled arches span up to 16 meters between the concrete arches and overlap and interlock, creating a form that unfolds to the sky. The vaults were to be constructed out of terracotta tiles, locally produced using coffee husks from the nearby coffee plantations.

Courtesy of Light Earth Designs LLP

The client had reservations regarding the potential risks that such a new technology posed. Thus the project will not proceed as a vaulted solution.    

We remain committed to  demonstrating that this technology is indeed possible in a semi rural context and can compete and even out perform conventional construction technologies in terms of cost and performance. In addition, we strongly believe that vaulting can offer a far more sustainable and beautiful solution.

Gahini Church



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