Detached Houses

Four Houses in Manzooni / Urko Sanchez Architects

  • Architect:Urko Sanchez Architects
  • Location:Machakos, Kenya
  • Date:2014
  • Area:650m2 x 4
  • Client:UKOO Ltd. KENYA
  • Collaborators:Marcos Velasco, Eric Lindenberg, Ranjit Singh


Four Houses in Manzooni –  Description of Urko Sanchez Architects.

A very special, Machakos-based client asked Urko Sanchez Architects to develop a house which featured, mainly, a thatched roof and contemporary architecture. Accordingly, our team did a tremendous amount of investigative research on thatched roofing in South Africa where there is copious experience in building this type of resourceful, eco-friendly covering.

Courtesy of Urko Sanchez Architects

We gained a lot of expertise in the features, benefits and recent enhancements of this particular roofing technique in order render “Four Houses for Four Friends” a comfortable, classic, yet cutting-edge reality. We also proceeded to develop a floor plan for the home in which all of the rooms basically view the beautiful hills at the front of the plot, in the direction of faraway Lukenya, Thika.

Courtesy of Urko Sanchez Architects

A double-storey living room and the strong presence of a ceramic, pot-bellied chimney in the center of it all provide a natural, “living” presence in this Machakos residence.


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