Domaine Public Architects

Domaine Public Architects

Domaine Public Architects
Riviera Apartments

Riviera Apartments The construction of a new bridge heralds a new “transformative” era for the low density Riviera neighborhood in Abidjan, mainly consisting of embassies and two story homes. In anticipation of improved accessibility, planning started for the largest scale residential development in the area. Government issued derogation allowed the developers a tenfold increase in total built-up area. While the financial benefits are evident, preferential zoning now allows for the highest density ratio in the entire Riviera neighborhood. To allow the integration of the project… Read more


Domaine Public Architects
Riviera Roofs

Riviera Roofs A plot initially intended as lush gardens, an extension to an adjoining residential development, is now repurposed by the developer to include more than five thousand square meters of built up area and seven private pools. Additional construction would eliminate a substantial amount of greenery and replace it with increased residential density. To the detriment of the residents of more than 139 apartments minimal if any green public space would remain, and all garden views would be replaced by the newly constructed units… Read more



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Otunba Offices

Otunba Offices – The Otumba offices adopt strict budget constraints yet utilize context and natural climate as generative tools to challenge the prevalent office building typology. Form now responds to strict functional, environmental and contextual constraints. The minimum building footprint allows for air to circulate below the offices while the plot is also freed from excessive construction, enabling instead a lush landscape and expansive public spacesRead more











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