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Department Of Environmental Affairs Building / Boogertman+Partners Architects

  • Architect:Boogertman+Partners Architects
  • Location:Pretoria, South Africa
  • Date:2014
  • Area:30654 m2
  • Awards:AfriSam SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture + Innovation 2015/2016

Department Of Environmental Affairs Building

Department Of Environmental Affairs Building – Description from Afrisam.

The Department of Environmental Affairs in the City of Tshwane, based on the importance of a structure which reflects the culture of the Department, the way they work and function and what they stand for in terms of purpose, beliefs and service to the country and the community, allowing the project to achieve a 6 star green office v1 design rating. The design responds to an environmentally sensitive and sustainable architecture that equally is respected by international dignitaries, visitors, and tourists but above all be a home for the Department to be proud of and to remain memorable and beautiful that will inspire generations to come.

Courtesy of Afrisam.
Courtesy of Afrisam.

The land parcel shape, orientation, and topography provided the opportunity to string a series of large effective office wings along a North – South central spine that enabled the building to centralize the support services along the spine and to keep the floor plates as open and multifunctional as possible. The orientation of the wings allowed for green spaces between the wings as well as allowing enough sunlight into the wings. The building hosts an array of sustainable technologies from; rainwater & greywater harvesting & recycling, double glazed windows, evaporative cooling methods for air conditioning, photovoltaic cells, and solar hot water heating on the rooftop, east/west orientation as well as highly developed building envelope insulation design.

Courtesy of Afrisam.
Courtesy of Afrisam.

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