Cacuaco University / Paulo Martins Arq&Design

Cacuaco University – Description of Paulo Martins Arq&Design. 

Cacuaco University – Description of Paulo Martins Arq&Design. 

This proposal consists in the enlargement of the Superior Institute of Kangonjo, Angola (ISKA) , inaugurated in 2011, which intends to offer a great variety of courses, from Economics to Pharmaceutics, Communication, Nursing among others. It’s assumed as a university facility in strong development.

Cacuaco University
Courtesy of Paulo Martins Arq&Design

Starting with a set of pre-existing buildings ordered in such a way as to create a central “square”, came the preeminent need to create a built block which, on the one hand, controlled and imposed boundaries to that open space and, on the other hand, unified all the built set, giving the exterior image of a solid, unified institution with its goals set for the future. It was thus opted to create a volume which could barrier the Cacuaco/Viana expressway, located right in front of the Institute, sheltering a series of services needed for the good functioning of a complex this great.




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