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ECD&F Centres

ECD&F Centers – Implementation of ECD&F Centres is one of UNICEF Rwanda’s flagship projects. The result of an holistic approach to architectural interventions, strengthening mother-child relationship, the basic unit of Rwandan social organization, will hopefully form the catalyst of change and poverty reduction. Carefully integrated with the physical and cultural landscape of the country, they are thought of as material and systemic ecosystems balancing the relationship between communities and their surroundings.Working with UNICEF Rwanda has offered the opportunity to develop and refine ideas on how to build Early Childhood Development & Family centres, and test them at national level in 14 different locations, within very remote rural communities… Read more


Africa Architecture Design
Education Facility in Mugombwa Refugee Camp

Education Facility in Mugombwa Refugee Camp – The design for the new Pre-Primary school in Mugombwa – Gisagara District – is based on the pilot projects of Pre-Primary Schools and has been developed to set a standard for Education Facilities in the special environment and social realities of the Refugee Camps across Rwanda. The economic feasibility, the spaces flexibility, and the fast construction process have been the focus of the design… Read more



RLS Dormitory

RLS Dormitory -The building is intended to act as teaching tool that enhances the experience of the boarding school while stimulating the students, making them part of the design phases, and offering a safe, healthy and environmentally sound educational institution. With simple means, the project aims to respond to climate and territory constraints, as well as stimulating by design, in an attempt to linking the basic student activities and the maximization of the use of space… Read more




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