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International Workshop in Ksar El-Khorbat – Traditional Architecture

Ksar El-Khorbat

When: 23th August – 2nd September, 2017

Where: Ksar El-Khorbat, Morocco

We’ll stay 10 days in one of the best preserved ksars in Todra Valley (Marocco) that is still inhabited: Il Khorbat Oujdid. The objective of the workshop is the enhancement of its historical and artistic heritage and the preservation of the cultural identity of its neighbours.

The ksar Il Khorbat is an ancient fortified earth-built town built in the mid-nineteenth century.

We will learn about earth constructive techniques as rammed earth, adobe (mudbrick) and earth plaster. The goal is continuing with the rehabilitation of the kasar’s basic spaces for coexistence and socialization: the main streets and the square.

We will be alternating days of work and cultural activities, learning about Amazing culture. Two trips are also planned to discover the surrounding area.

 Ksar El-Khorbat


BEYArK is a group of 6 passionate about architecture united by the experiences working as volunteer in Senegal, Nepal and Marocco.

BEYArK believes in architecture for the transformation of the environment through appropriate technology linked to the territory, promoting social, environmental and economic sustainability. Commitment to exchange as a tool for growth and cultural and professional approach.

/Beyak/, in essylien means “everything will be fine”. Essylien is one of the dialects of the diolan, that is spoken in the region of Casamance (Senegal), the place that has seen us born as a group.

BEYArK, then, is by definition a hopeful architecture.

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