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WAS Awards 2017

Special Registration – Sep 18th, 2017 – Nov 5th, 2017

Early Registration – Nov 6th, 2017 – Nov 26th, 2017

Regular Registration: Nov 27th, 2017 – Dec 17th, 2017

Submission Deadline: Jan 8th, 2018

Winners Announcement: Feb 26th, 2018



The WikiArquitectura Student awards aim to celebrate the work done by students from all around the world during each academic year. 

Most student’s project’s fate is to never leave the classroom and end up in a forgotten drawer after the final critique. There is nothing wrong with that since something new is always learned with each project, but we believe the learning experience could be much richer by sharing those projects with a broader community, as broad as architecture schools exists around the world. 

Although there already exist some competitions and awards for students we believe most of them fail to achieve this goal by charging inaccessible entry fees that make it impossible for many students to take part on such events or by disappointing those who do take part with an opaque and often seemingly arbitrary selection process.

The WAS awards are an international, free and transparent alternative to these kind of events that we believe are necessary during the learning process of an architect and that schools themselves often find it hard to coordinate and organize.

The WAS Awards guarantee that any student from any country in the world can participate by eliminating any entry fees. They also transform the process in which the winners are selected, going from a process that usually only lasts a few hours to an individual and extensive review of each project that lasts for days. During this process every single project gets the full attention from the jurors, without any previous shortlisting or other commitments that limit the time that the jurors can spend on each projects. Participants will even be able to get direct feedback from the jurors about their project to help them improve and understand how to become successful at these kind of events.

Let’s all get together to become better architects. Welcome to the WAS awards!


If you are or have been enrolled as an undergraduate architecture student during 2017 we are glad you found this page. We are sure you’ll have a bunch of great projects you’ve worked on during the last year and we want to see your best!
The WAS awards are FREE to join and will not only give you the opportunity to win some really cool prizes for work you’ve already done but they will also allow you to see where you stand not only against your classmates but also against other students from other schools in other places, some of which will have very different points of views and approaches to architecture than yours.
The WAS awards are a place to share, win, learn and keep growing as architects. Welcome to the WikiArquitectua Student Awards 2017!


The call for the WAS awards 2017 is individual and international.
Undergraduate architecture students from any school around the world are invited to participate as long as they can provide proof of their student status.
The WAS awards organization will accept the following documents as valid proof of student status:

  • A copy of the student ID
  • A copy of the school enrolment documentation

Since different schools in different countries follow different academic calendars we only ask that participant meet the student status criteria during at least one day since the call opens until the submission deadline.


Students will be able to submit projects to three different categories:

  • Housing – The housing award will evaluate single home projects or reduced complexes made out of individual houses
  • Residential buildings – The residential award will evaluate apartment buildings and other forms of multi-family housing
  • Facilities – The facilities award will evaluate public and private projects including; museums, libraries, sport complexes and others

Any given project will only be allowed to compete under one category,although students are welcome to submit different projects to each of the three categories. Each student will be allowed to submit one project to each category. The creation of multiple accounts by a single student with the goal of submitting more than one project to the same category will imply their immediate disqualification.


Although the main goal of the WAS awards is to provide an alternative learning environment for architecture students around the world a few prizes have never done any harm to anyone!
We are happy to announce a pretty cool list of prizes for this 2017 edition of the WAS awards. The winner from each category will receive the following prizes:

  • 600€ in cash
  • See your project feautred on WikiArquitectura’s home page for 30 days (over 2M impressions)
  • 3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen
  • A free Membership Pro at Build Academy. Get your AIA certified diploma for free
  • Subscription to L’ARCHITECTURE D’AUJOURD’HUI magazine
  • Subscription to SITE – built matters magazine
  • Subscription to OPEN HOUSE – the life we share magazine
  • Subscription to ARCHITECKTÚRA & URBANIZMUS magazine
  • 3 SCALAE paperback issues of your choice (must pick from available issues on Amazon)
  • Selection of TC cuadernos publications


These are the dates you should mark on your calendar. Keep in mind that taking part in the WAS awards is FREE, and that the different registration periods only affect the prices of the complementary products that we make available to participants.

  • Special Registration – Sep 18th, 2017 – Nov 5th, 2017│50% off Complementary Products
  • Early Registration – Nov 6th, 2017 – Nov 26th, 2017│25% off Complementary Products
  • Regular registration – November 27th to December 17th
  • Submission deadline – January 8th
  • Winners announcement – February 26th

All deadlines will be at midnight Hawaii time (GMT -10) because Hawaii sounds really cool and it will give most of you a few extra hours 😉

For further information

For further information about the Awards, visit the Official Website.

For information about Project Criteria, the Jury, Registrations and Submissions, Complementary Products and Services, Reproduction Rights and Disqualifications, Download the Brochure.


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