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WAAFEST – West Africa Architecture Festival 2016

When: 24th – 28th October 2016

Where: Obi Wali Oil & Gas Conference Center Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria


About West Africa Architecture Festival (WAAF)

West Africa has enjoyed independent rule for an average of 55 years to date. By the turn of the decade it will be two clear generations of Africans exposed to the benefits of self-determination in the defined sub-region.

The West African Architecture Festival (WAAF) seeks to celebrate the achievements of West African Architects, its architecture and the relationship with the allied professionals; its influence in the lifestyle, outlook and culture of the people in the sub Saharan region and its global impact. This is a gathering of professionals – with a focus to pioneer and drive change by harnessing our ability to innovate – an assemblage of problem solvers seeking to expand the boundaries of professionalism in the region.

WAAF is the platform where emerging professionals network with proven industry giants to proffer solutions to prevailing issues in the society as it relates to architecture and urban space.

Calls for presentation

West Africa Architectural Festival (WAAF) is the premiere event by the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) for architects and allied professionals’ education, lifestyle improvement and networking – bringing together more than 100,000 industry specialists from West Africa and beyond. The theme of the Festival is: HARNESSING THE GREAT AFRICAN POTENTIALS IN THE GLOBAL VALUE CHAIN. From workshops to tours, Seminars and Keynote Sessions, the West Africa Architectural Festival is seeking articulate subject matter experts to speak on current or emerging issues of importance to the construction industry profession. Proposals will be accepted for presentation based on industry relevance, timeliness, and expertise of the speakers.

Emphasis is given to intermediate and advanced level content presentations, case studies, and panels with diverse speakers. Sales presentations are strictly prohibited.

The event

The practice of architecture over the years in West Africa is not without its challenges, architects have had to address political, economic and cultural challenges whilst attempting to keep pace with the rest of the world. There are constantly evolving technology, strategy and methods out there and we are required as a profession to address the demands of the public at large (building performance, energy consumption, incorporating recycled materials etc). Architects create new design concepts that repeatedly push the boundaries of how modern day construction is executed, this is why architecture is one of the few professions that is never static. In line with this thinking WAAF seeks to

  • Create unity through continuous synergy among architects in the West African region.
  • Showcase product innovation and creativity from the region
  • Exhibit present and future trends in building construction technology.
  • Build bridges connecting future architects and individuals with relevant skills in the industry.
  • A forum for launching the West African Region of the African Union of Architects AUA.
  • It will also form a platform for the celebration of the achievements of the West African region of the AUA to the public.
  • WAAF will lead to the creation of an Industrial Park in the region, building capacity and developing human resources for the host communities.

What to Expect from WAAF

  • Exhibition of Architects Works
  • Exhibition of Student Works
  • Exhibition of Building products
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Arts and Craft
  • Tours
  • Entertainment: Live Music Shows / Comedy Skits
  • Cultural dances

Welcome to WAAF 2016, experience the event through the eyes of one of Nigerias most cosmopolitan cities, Port Harcourt, The Garden City.





Speakers WAAF 2016

  • Rem Koolhas
  • Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah
  • Dema Nwoko


Organized by


The Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) is a professional body for architects primarily in Nigeria. The idea for the formation of an independent professional architect’s organization in Nigeria was first conceived and motivated by three architects. In 1958, an 8 member study group was formed to carry out detailed planning for the establishment of the Institute which ultimately culminated in inauguration of the Institute. The Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) was founded on the 1st of April 1960.

The NIA is a member organisation of professional Architects, with the objective of promoting the practice of the profession of Architecture in Nigeria. It has approximately 6000 full members, associates, graduates and student members in 32 State Chapters. It is a member of the International Union of Architects and a founding member of both the Commonwealth Association of Architects and the Africa Union of Architects. It is a non-governmental organization, but performs some statutory functions on behalf of the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria, and cooperates with governmental and non-governmental agencies and institutions. The NIA conducts examinations with the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria, and may be called to arbitrate in cases of dispute or liability.


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