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Status: Open for submissions

Deadline: October 15, 2017.


Running for over 20 Cycles, WA Awards is a well-established and recognised competition that gives its participants and winners, be it Architects or Students, a great opportunity to have their projects highlighted and recognised both among their peers and in the marketplace.

Given the International nature of World Architecture Community, participants from around the Globe and in particular from regions less covered by general or specialised media, get a chance to share and promote their projects, which would otherwise go unnoticed, while potentially initiating new and/or exciting questions/issues about Contemporary Architecture.

Awarding follows a very democratic procedure where all WA Jury members’ votes (for the 10) or World Architecture Community members’ ratings (for the 5) have equal weight and are effective in the final decision.

With the recent changes introduced in July 2015, WA Awards is now split into 3 categories: WA Designed AwardWA Realised Award and WA Student Award. This allows for better gauging for the WA Jury members and a fairer competition among participants and their projects (i.e. comparing apples with apples).

One of the most important changes is that, as opposed to the older competition where all uploaded projects were considered as participating to the WA Awards, in this new setup, participants must make a conscious decision and take action to participate to the competition. Please see How to Participate below for more information.

Another important change, triggered by the introduction of the membership scheme to the completely re-redesigned World Architecture Community portal, is the participation to the competition being subject to particular conditions. More specifically and as described in the “Our Jury is ready, are you?” message sent on September 11th, 2015, Membership to World Architecture Community determines if and which categories participants can apply with regards to the WA Awards competition.

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