Thomashoff + partner Architects

Thomashoff + partner Architects

Courtesy of Thomashoff + partner Architects
The Last Glass House

The Last Glass House – “The last Glass House” is situated on the rocky outcrop of the Westcliff Ridge, with a view to the west, through existing electricity pylons, over a valley, with Auckland Park and Melville in the background. The brief was simple: A dwelling for an artist: a Bedroom Suite with an en-suite Bathroom, Kitchen, Dining area, Lounge area, Study area, and a Guest Room facility. Ancillary facilities include a swimming pool, Staff Quarters, and Storage. The design is inspired by the rich history of Johannesburg – the goldmines and its industry, the essential functionality of the industrial buildings in central Johannesburg. A key characteristic is the use of mass-manufactured steel fenestration… Read more








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