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Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Yves Saint Laurent Museum – The musée YVES SAINT LAURENT marrakech (mYSLm), located on Rue Yves Saint Laurent, opened its doors to the public on 19 October 2017. Dedicated to the work of the great couturier, it will conserve a part of the collection belonging to the Fondation Pierre Bergé–Yves Saint Laurent. Housed at 5 Avenue Marceau in Paris, the collection includes 5,000 articles of clothing and 15,000 haute couture accessories, as well as tens of thousands of drawings.A stone’s throw from the Jardin Majorelle, acquired by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berg. in 1980, the new building will cover 4,000 m., featuring a 400 m. permanent exhibition space, designed by Christophe Martin, showcasing the fashion work of Yves Saint Laurent… Read more








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