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Ross Langdon Health Education Centre

Ross Langdon Health Education Centre -The Australian Architect Ross Langdon was a good friend and collaborator of Studio FH. In 2013, he tragically died during the Westgate attacks in Kenya. He left behind a number of inspiring architectural designs some of which we have since been trying to realise in his spirit and memory. One of them is a health education centre in Mannya/Rakai, funded by the Cotton On Foundation. The building carries Ross’s name. It is a small community centre for 150 people, with raked seating and a small speaker’s platform. There is also a private meeting room and a store… Read more


Quality Hill
Quality Hill

Quality Hill – The project was to be implemented in stages with the aim to minimise the interruption of the day-to-day business. Phase 1 comprised of the creation of a central ‘piazza’ from where, gradually, all major functions of the development will be accessed. The piazza has been paved with a combination of cobble stone and terrazzo pavers and has a water feature at the centre that helps improving the micro-climate for outdoor seating.The second phase consisted of a complete remodelling and enlargement of both the restaurant and the coffee shop and the creation of a new deco shop pavilion. Pre-fabricated timber structures were added to the front of both grass-thatched structures…Read more










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