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“Smart, Green & Beyond: Healthcare Facility of the Future”

Architecture Competition
Launching: 5 November 2016
Registration deadline: 28 February 2017  (US & Canada Central Time)
Sending deadline: 31 March 2017 (US & Canada Central Time)
Open to: All architect members of UIA member sections (Scroll further down to see if you wish your Faculty or Organization to become a member)
Winners Announcement: 14 June 2017

2017 UIA-PHG International Student & Young Architect Competition: Smart, Green & Beyond: Health Care Facility of the Future

The International Union of Architects Public Health Group (UIA-PHG), the Global University Program in Healthcare Architecture (GUPHA) and the China Hospital Construction Conference (CHCC) are accepting submissions for their newly launched competition, “Smart, Green & Beyond: Healthcare Facility of the Future”, which seeks to raise awareness about sustainability in the design of healthcare facilities.

The competition regulations are in accordance with the UIA-UNESCO Guidelines for International Design Competitions, and the competition was organized in cooperation with the UIA International Competitions Commission and the UIA General Secretariat.


The past decade has witnessed dramatic changes in many facets of the human society, especially in the healthcare industry. New concepts, new technologies and new services are emerging everyday. These changes fundamentally altered people’s perceptions of healthcare, their lifestyles, and the ways of healthcare utilization. In this competition, we would argue that the future of healthcare facilities could be predictable. Therefore, we would like to invite you to provide innovative proposals that may deal with significant future challenges: e.g., how to make use of limited resources? How to incorporate new technologies? How to meet the healthcare needs of the fast-growing aging population? How to reduce costs? In the next 15 or 30 years, how would healthcare facilities look like? How does the future design reflect the everlasting meaning of culture and tradition? These are important issues awaiting serious discussion.


This competition is to increase the awareness of undergoing transitions of healthcare systems and services, encourage the young generation to actively engage in healthcare design, and sparkle the discussion on future facilities.


To design a healthcare facility that can fulfill the needs of users and providers in the future. Interested topics include but are not limited to:

  • Response to limited resources in developing countries
  • Application of new technologies and materials
  • Smart facility
  • Green and sustainability
  • New approach of healthcare services
  • Any topic with futuristic prospects of healthcare environment

“Healthcare facilities” in this competition are defined as places that can provide services such as diagnosis, treatment and medical care, and therapies such as rehabilitation and counselling.


The competition will have two categories:

  • Group A: Full-time college students at undergraduate, graduate or doctoral levels by the submission date
  • Group B: Architectural practitioners under 35 years of age by the submission date

For both groups:

  • Can participate as a team, with no more than three members per team
  • A multi-disciplinary team (e.g., architecture, medicine, public health, engineering) is welcome to participate. However, the team should be headed by an individual in architecture according to the UIA competition guidelines
  • A team with qualified members of both Group A and Group B should be categorized as Group B
  • Each team/individual should submit only one project

Principal dates of the competition

  • 5 November 2016: Competition launched by UIA and the organizers / beginning of Question & Answers
  • 15 February 2017: Last day for Question & Answers
  • 28 February, 2017: Last day for competition registration
  • 31 March 2017: Deadline for project submission
  • 20-22 May 2017: Selected entries (note: not the winning projects) will be displayed at the China Hospital Construction Conference
  • 14 June 2017: Announcement of winning projects at the European Healthcare Design Conference


Group A:

  • First prize: USD $8,000 and certificate
  • Second prize: USD $5,000 and certificate
  • Third prize: USD $3,000 and certificate
  • Honorable Mentions (up to 15% of entries): Certificate

Group B:

  • First prize: USD $8,000 and certificate
  • Second prize: USD $5,000 and certificate
  • Third prize: USD $3,000 and certificate
  • Honorable Mentions (up to 15% of entries): Certificate


The competition is divided in two categories: Group A (Full-time students at undergraduate, graduate or doctoral levels) and Group B (Qualified architects under 35 years of age by the submission date).

Participants in both can compete as part of a team of no more than 3 members.  Multidisciplinary teams including members from varied fields (e.g. architecture, medicine, public health and engineering) are welcome, as long as the team is led by an architect.

Teams including members from both Group A and Group B will be categorized in Group B.

Each team submits only one project each.

There is no entry fee. The language of the competition is English.


  • Henning Lensch, Dipl.-Ing. (Germany)
  • Clifford Harvey, MSc., BArch. (Canada)
  • Xiqiu Huang, PhD (China)
  • A. Ray Pentecost III, DrPH, FAIA, FACHA (USA)
  • Thomas Schinko, Dipl.-Ing., (France-Germany)
  • Fani Vavili-Tsinika, PhD, MA (Greece)
  • Huey-Wen Yien, MD, PhD (Chinese Taipei)
  • Technical advisor: Yilin Song, PhD

Information and registration

Submission Email to:


  • International Union of Architects- Public Health Group (UIA-PHG)

The UIA-PHG is one of the working bodies of the UIA, the Union International des Architects or International Union of Architects. It was founded in1955 and represents members and guests from all continents and a growing participation from more than 60 countries in 2012. Within the context of the UIA philosophy, it is the vision of the UIA-PHG that world public health can profit by the dedication of architects to provide efficient, safe and aesthetic health care buildings and an environment that can contribute to a more rapid healing of the patients as well as an improvement in staff operations and satisfaction. To accomplish this vision, the UIA-PHG should share its knowledge and experience not only within the group but also to other architects, engineers and consultants, health care managers and providers, health care organizations and governments, as well as to the general public. It should also initiate research projects that contribute to better health care buildings and environments. The Director of UIA-PHG is Adjunct Professor Warren Kerr ( from the University of Western Australia.

  • Global University Program in Healthcare Architecture (GUPHA)

The Global University Program in Healthcare Architecture (GUPHA) is a subgroup of UIA-PHG. It dedicates to promote international exchange, collaboration and knowledge dissemination between educators involved in teaching and research, along with UIA member practitioners and representatives of academic institutions, governmental and non-governmental agencies with an interest in architectural education and academic research in the area of healthcare architecture. Since founded in 2000, GUPHA has grown to include 25 member institutions. The Chair of GUPHA is Professor David Allison ( from Clemson University, U.S.

  • China Hospital Construction Conference (CHCC)

The China Hospital Construction Conference (CHCC) is the largest event of this kind in Asia. In the past 17 years, the CHCC has successfully built a solid platform for knowledge and experience exchange in hospital planning, design, construction and management. In 2016, the exhibition accommodated over 210 vendors with a 23,700 square meter exhibiting area and approximately 20,400 visitors. The conference attracted 2,800 attendees with 245 invited speakers from all over the world. Among the attendees, 90% of them were hospital administrators and construction project managers. The conference brings project opportunities to healthcare consultants, designers and researchers.

In corporation with and supervised by:

  • International Union of Architects General Secretariat International
  • Union of Architects Commission for International Competition

For further information

Entries can be submitted on this email:

Download here the Registration Form.

For further information about the Competition and the 2017 UIA-PHG + GUPHA Annual Seminar, visit .

For more details about the competition, read the Competition Brochure.

If you want to visit the Union International of Architects website, click here. 

If you wish your Faculty or Organization to become a UIA member section, visit the UIA Membership in their website.


Yilin Song, Ph.D. / Center for Health Systems & Design / College of Architecture, Texas A&M University / Email: / Phone: +1-979-229-3462


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