Sharon Davis Design

Sharon Davis Design

Dormitory for Partners In Health

Dormitory for Partners In Health – The design responds both to its site on a hot, dry hillside and to the tight budget required by the client. Each bedroom has its own private exterior space facing the views of the valley to the west with large overhangs for rain and heat protection. The bedrooms are connected to the shared bathrooms and common spaces with a covered and screened exterior walkway. The eucalyptus screen wraps around the uphill side of the house providing a sense of enclosure and privacy for it residents and also a connection to more traditional… Read more


Women’s Opportunity Center

Women’s Opportunity Center – Brick by brick, together with the county’s women, we’re building big change. The Women’s Opportunity Center is a teaching tool that empowers more than 300 women annually to transcend a legacy of conflict. In their lives and stories, we have found the locally inspired grounds for a globally resonant architecture of optimism… Read more








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