Raoul Vecchio

Raoul Vecchio

Balouo Salo

Balouo Salo – The project consists of the construction of a bridge dam  that aims to desalinate the valley of Tanaf, Senegal. Today, it is flooded with tides of Atlantic Ocean that destroy the cultivable fields and contaminate the aquifers, causing one of the highest rates of malnutrition and sub-Saharan disease, as well as determining poverty due to the lack of agricultural activity. Inside the valley live about 80,000 people who currently live in this humanitarian emergency. This phenomenon of salinisation… Read more

Tanaff Cultural Center

Tanaff Cultural Center – Through the arrangement of court volumes and a fragmented double cover, the project wants to evoke the perceptions of space and local perspectives. In fact, the arrangement of the volumes follows a classical functional logic of the domestic environments where the training takes place according to hierarchies of people and spaces. Integration with the natural and anthropic context is one of the characterizing elements… Read more


Music School in Ziguinchor

Music School in Ziguinchor -The project aims to create a symbolic architecture that uses only local materials and simple yet innovative technologies, so as to create teaching and development opportunities also on site. The architecture is designed to optimize not only the spatial distribution of spaces but also the liveability inside, through systems of openings and volumes that create differences in pressures necessary to promote a natural ventilation useful for cooling environments… Read more


Monument in memory of the dead
Monument in memory of the dead in the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea

The “Monument in memory of the dead in the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea” is a project for Sédhiou Region, in Senegal to sensitize the local communities trough the migration phenomenon who are so frequent in this region. The monument wants to evoke a path of discovery, adventure and contemplation, as elements characterizing the migration phenomenon but at the same time values ​​that can create unity… Read more


Adeane Mosque

Adeane Mosquee  Based on Adeane’s centuries-old religious history, the project aims to create a unique mosque in sub-Saharan Africa, which aims to give value to the spirituality of the place and to divine faith. The divine power is emphasized through a majestic, unique and representative architecture in its exclusive use of natural materials and highly innovative technologies, but at the same time respectful of the environment and traditions… Read more










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