Orthner Orthner & Associates

Orthner Orthner & Associates

Legon City Lofts

Legon City Lofts – Legon City Lofts, located in one of the sought after residential areas in Accra is a contemporary interpretation of traditional building concepts for tropical climates, comprising low energy house technologies like Smart solar power hybrid systems, water recycling, rain water harvesting and passive cooling systems to create one of the first sustainable real estate developments in Ghana. The airy, loft-style design of the five residences, the landscaped garden areas, swimming pool and gym facilities perfectly supplement the concept of a creative exciting urban living experience in the midst of one… Read more


Oracle Ghana

Oracle Ghana – Oracle is expanding in Ghana due to the country’s stability and the growth of the IT industry. In light of this, they rented a space in an existing office building with enough room to expand and wanted an interior office space that expressed the Oracle Brand in a youthful and inviting manner in line with their brand image… Read more





Missionary Training Center

Missionary Training Center – The MTC buildings, along with the enhanced outdoor space, were designed to meet or exceed government requirements.  The buildings feature extensive glass exteriors to maximize use of natural light and create a sense of openness between the MTC and surrounding areas.  Large meeting rooms, rooms for practice lessons, and indoor/outdoor study areas are all designed to enhance the missionary training experience… Read more





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