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Westbury Clinic
Westbury Clinic

Westbury Clinic – The new facility, which opened in December 2016, is designed to mitigate and reduce the transmission of airborne disease through various innovative systems, including overall layout, patient and staff flow and natural cross-ventilation. The space planning of the clinic was steered by the need to provide design solutions to mitigate health risks within the facility and eliminate stigmas attached to the ill – which have become stereotypically synonymous with public healthcare facilities. The clinic offers comprehensive healthcare services, including tuberculosis treatment, chronic care, antenatal and post-natal care… Read more



Esselen Clinic
Esselen Clinic

Esselen Clinic – Designed and erected by Willem Pabst, between 1943 and 1951, the building has been proclaimed a heritage site in South Africa. Originally the building was designed as the Colin Gordon Nursing Home. According to Pabst, the function of the building heavily influenced the shape and spatial experience of the building. In Chipkin’s Johannesburg Style (Chipkin,1993) he describes how Mauthner had some difficulty ‘trying to make sense of Pabst instructions that the building must be “pregnant like a Woman’”… Read more








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