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Chicoco Radio

Chicoco Radio – Chicoco Radio is a floating media platform being built with and for the residents of Port Harcourt’s waterfront community in Nigeria.480,000 people live in waterfront settlements along the creeks that fringe the city. The state government plans to demolish the settlements. Chicoco Radio is the community’s voice and platform. The structure is conceived as a linear composition of public spaces from land to water: a community radio station, recording studios, computer centre, meeting rooms, amphitheater and cinema. The radio broadcast mast is an integrated architectural component raising the structure like a bridge: launching one end of the building into the water, suspending the other in the air... Read more


CDL Microfinance Company

CDL Microfinance Company – Credit Direct Limited (CDL) is one of the fastest growing micro-lending finance companies in Nigeria, providing unsecured (payroll lending) microcredit facilities to low to medium income earners. Situated in Ikeja district of Lagos in Nigeria, the new headquarters for CDL consolidates its various facilities into a single building that redefines the conventional notion of a bank building as a closed and private institution... Read more




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