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Building Workshop: ART HOUSE

When: Fabruary 24th-May 25th, 2017

Where: Abetenim Arts Village near Kumasi, in the rural territories of the ancient Ashanti region of Ghana

Deadline: Volunteers will be accepted until spots are filled. Spots limited to 30 international participants

Who can participate:  Volunteers worldwide

Cost: Food and accommodation $90/w; project contribution $450 USD (flight costs are not included)

Project Organizers: NKA Foundation and BO! Arquitectura

Inscriptions: /  http://boarquitectura.com


Nka Foundation announces Building Workshop to construct a Top Design in 3rd Earth Architecture Competition:

Nka Foundation is issuing an open call to the international architecture and sustainable design and construction community to join the  prototying workshop to build Arthouse, which is one of the Top Design entries in its 3rd Earth Architecture Competition: Designing for the Arts. The competition was open to recent graduates and students of architecture, design and others from around the world. The challenge was to design a mud house type as accommodation for artists to be built by maximum use of earth and other materials in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The competition was conceived as an Open Source project to:

(1) Generate mud house design alternatives to be available free to everyone to appreciate, use, or improve them to generate more practical and contemporary design solutions for the arts in the region; and

(2) to make possible the construction of the best design entries through building workshops to realize some built examples to the local people that mud architecture can be durable and beautiful.

The Arthouse Building Workshop is designed, therefore, to bring together participants from around the world in fields such as architecture, landscape architecture, construction, interior design and art to play a role in line with their expertise. The Arthouse Building Workshop is a collaboration between Nka Foundation, a nonprofit organization in the United States and the team that designed Arthouse, BO! Arquitectura, an architectural practice based in Montevideo, Uruguay.



The Arthouse

Specifically, the Arthouse is a 220m² (2400sq feet) cottage for use as an artist-in-residence program, designed to accommodate from 8 to 10 artists at a time. The earth architecture project presents technical novelties, the use of mixed construction techniques as wattle and daub wall construction combined with a structural ceramic roof developed by Uruguayan engineer Eladio Dieste. The workshop also proposes the use of alternative sewage system, ensuring aproper wastewater disposal. This way, we can create high quality architectural and an environmental friendly project, capable of being replicated in the west-African region.

It’s not all works! Over the weekend, participant can explore the nearby cultural sites such as Bomwire Kente Village, Bobiri Forest Reserve, or the cultural centres in the historic city of Kumasi. And there will be short breaks from the construction project to participate in field trips.

About the Foundation:

Nka Foundation is a nonprofit organization in the United States that exists to serve underserved communities in Africa. They have a focus on human capital development through use of the arts, broadly defined to include visual arts, literary arts, performing arts, design, new media/film production, arts history, arts criticism, arts education, arts administration and curatorship, and emerging others. In 2009, it was incorporated as a non-profit seeking company under the laws of the Republic of Ghana to carry on the work of bringing together motivated creative individuals in arts and technology, arts groups and supportive others to create cross-cultural synergy for community arts practice and infrastructure to support their continued professional growth and enhance the social, cultural and economic vitality of rural communities. The Foundation will be registered and develop residency facilities in other countries.


About the organizers:

12391974_936406256449249_674976417190408016_nUnder the name Bo! Arquitectura, Santiago Merello, Antonella Sinacore and Claudia Varin are developing their professional career as architects from the ends of 2014 in Uruguay, being interested about architecture in earth and other alternative building systems, enhancing the environmental sustainability research.




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