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Casablanca Finance City Tower

Casablanca Finance City Tower – Towers define the character of a city at a macro scale. Silhouettes and spires become cultural icons, symbolically linking their patrons and tenants to the make-up of the city. Regardless of their skyline presence, towers must necessarily also engage the public realm at street level. This critical relationship to the ground plane bears equal weight on the design of a building, determining whether a building will be an active participant in the urban fabric or a discrete and isolated structure. The Casablanca Finance City tower explores this notion of dual activation, reconsidering the iconic tower typology that often disengages a building from the pedestrian experience. The tapered crown of a high-rise building suggests exclusivity and prestige; by mirroring this apex towards the street, the tower extends its iconic form to the human scale, activating the lower urban landscape… Read more










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