Grand Central Market in Bata
The Grand Central Market in Bata

The Grand Central Market in Bata – The Grand Central market in Bata is an ambitious project that aims to change the current market, to make this the new landmark of the city. It is not simply an architectural project, if not a media and social impact in the city. The first part of the project has been to analyze in depth the current state, both the site and its characteristics. Architectural and topographic, such as the market itself and its use. The market is clearly bounded by two roads (one of them is the main street of the city), a front of buildings, and a valley… Read more

“The Garden of Eden” – Solidary Complex in Kabrousse

“The Garden of Eden” – Solidary Complex in Kabrousse -SOS Universal Children’s Day Foundation presents its new solidary project “The Garden of Eden”. A solidary complex located in the town of Kabrousse, Casamance Region, in the South of Senegal. The design of the camp has been made possible thanks to the altruistic collaboration of the Estudio de Arquitectura Mesura, a solid multidisciplinary team of professionals from the entire field of architecture, construction and design, who have wanted to be involved in the project since its inception, designing what will be… Read more




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