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Mapungubwe Interpretation Center

Mapungubwe Interpretation Center – Sited at the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe Rivers, in northern South Africa, the Mapungubwe National Park celebrates the site of an technologically advanced ancient trading civilization in the context of a natural setting. The complex rocky landscape was both the inspiration for the design and the source of the materials for the construction of the new Interpretation Centre, resulting in a composition of structures that are authentically rooted to their location. The building, set at the foot of a mesa at the park entrance, is visually contained by three hollow cairns that evoke rock route-markers commonly found in Southern African cultures... Read more


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Gahini Church

Gahini Church – An exciting design proposal for a new Anglican church for a congregation of 2000 people near Lake Muhazi, one hours drive north of Kigali. The plan is octagonal, loosely based on a cross, with parabolic concrete ribs spanning  36 meters between the eight vertices. Simple parabolic tiled arches span up to 16 meters between the concrete arches and overlap and interlock, creating a form that unfolds to the sky. The vaults were to be constructed out of terracotta tiles, locally produced using coffee husks from the nearby coffee plantations. The client had reservations regarding the potential risks that such a new technology posed... Read more


Rwanda Cricket Stadium

Rwanda Cricket Stadium – The project is part of work undertaken by Light Earth Designs for the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation over a 5-year period on how Rwanda can transition from an agriculture-based economy to development using local home grown labour intensive construction techniques, thereby avoiding imports, lowering carbon, and building skills and economies. The primary enclosure of the cricket stadium, the vaults, adapts ancient Mediterranean tile-vaulting (using compressed soil-cement tiles) to a moderate seismic context by using geogrid reinforcing in the layers and bearing the springing points of the doubly curved vaults on the ground... Read more





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