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Lagos Architects Forum 2017

When: Wednesday 10th – Saturday 13th May 2017

Where: Jasmine and Zinnia Halls, Expo Centre of the Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos

Cost: it´s free for visitors



Welcome to a 3-day Festival of ideas, engagement, affiliations, bonding, and outreach for your brand with professionals and organizations from around the world. A 3-day event which offers uplifting educational and professional development sessions, with post-conference site tours, with exciting investment and financing opportunities, with presentations and reviews of case studies of successful business models, projects and thought leadership, as well as interaction with renowned scholars, attendees from the business, political and academic community. 

Governor Akinwunmi  Ambode of Lagos State has frequently averred in recent months that the population of Lagos State has risen to 23 million. He said at a gathering of investors in Kenya on one of such occasions that on average 86 persons migrate to Lagos every hour.

That means Lagos is frequently under the stress of playing host to new people, which portends constant evolution to absorb the steady influx. All this coincides with the state’s ambition to attain a megacity status.

Drawing on its partnership with the Lagos State Government, Lagos Architects Forum (LAF) has adapted to bellwether that evolution by focusing on contributing positively towards the development of Lagos State by continually putting radar on all issues related to architecture in the state and the built environment.

In this stint LAF offers opportunities to evaluate best practices, concepts, procedures and methodology required to evolve an architecture that would transform Lagos into the greatest city in the world.

To maintain its bellwether position the Forum always goes beyond frontiers of previous achievements with desire to adapt to ever changing conditions, bearing in mind that the only constant thing in life is change.

As part of its guideline, LAF from time to time articulates ways and means to harness the economic activity Lagos generates to create better buildings to reverse the losses created by the development of substandard structures by quacks that prey on the ignorance of the public, waste scarce resources and endanger lives.

As is evident from the transmogrifying face of Lagos over the past decade, LAF is evolving architecture that would lead to the creation of exceptional buildings, high quality structures, sustainable living environments, affordable homes and employment opportunities for all in Lagos State.

LAF also prides itself for creating parameters for high density vertical buildings typical of Lagos, and establishing safety factors for their development.

The Forum remains attentive to continuous evaluation of practice methods, technology, current legislation on planning, approval processes, to achieve master status

LAF’s stance about Lagos may be summed up with the following words: Desire to create and develop an architecture that would make Lagos plans and regulations a first world city.


To the thousands of architects practicing in Lagos but are not members of the Lagos Forum, it is fair to say you that you are underachieving on your turf. The reason is simple; you are missing out on the bountiful benefits of being a LAF member, some of which include:

  • Learning from industry experts and case studies, local and international
  • Understanding the current economic climate
  • Updating your skills and learning about current trends in design, development and construction industry
  • Learning about best practices in sustainable development
  • Networking with developers, architects and key players in the industry
  • Getting leads to developing quality business models
  • Having the opportunity to forge new partnerships and collaborate ventures
  • Understanding critical issues affecting viable developments
  • Appreciating the role of government policy in urbanization, economic development and how it affects your business and developments
  • Discovering innovative methods of development within the current economic climate
  • Learning about the implication of population explosion on the construction industry
  • Positioning your business for the new wave of development opportunities and technology available
  • Meeting more than 1000 architects and other construction industry professionals
  • Networking with key players in the Built Environment
  • Interacting between key players to harmonise individual strengths


  • Folasade Ogunsola
  • Bishop Kukahç
  • HRM. Igwe Nnaemeka
  • Arc. Theo Lawson
  • Kunle Adeyemi (you can see here his projects published on Apsaidal)
  • Jennifer Mpyisi
  • Kunle Adedeji
  • Christine Nakoka
  • Maddalena d´Alfonso
  • Françoise Aramide

(Click here if you want to know more about them)


The Nigerian Institute of Architects, Lagos State Chapter – Our mision is to cooperate with the national body, The Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA), governmental and non-governmental organizations, universities, polytechnics, technical and other institutions of learning, professional institutions and other bodies to promote the dynamic role of the architect in the state as well as advance the aims and objectives of the institute.



Lagos Architects Forum is a group of Architects resident and practicing in the city of Lagos. The mother body is the Nigerian Institute of Architects, with the National secretariat in Abuja.
Their aims are to:
– Bring together Professionals of the Construction Industry to discuss burning issues
– Create an environment to showcase applicable new technologies
– Create networking opportunities for Professionals
– Serve as a Policy Advocacy Instrument


For further information

For further information about the event, visit the official website.

Contact: 08033275405; 08027399939

Lagos Architects Forum 2017
Expo Centre of the Eko Hotel & Suites,Lagos,Nigeria
Starting on
10 May, 2017
Ending on
13 May, 2017
Welcome to a 3-day Festival of ideas, engagement, affiliations, bonding, and outreach for your brand with professionals and organizations from around the world.

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