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International Conference: ¨Architecture and Climate Change¨

When: 07 November 2016, from 9 am to 7 pm.
Where: Palais des Congress, Marrakech
The International Conference “Architecture and Climate Change” is being organised as part of the consistent commitment to architecture conscious of climatic and environmental factors, byt the International Union of Architects (UIA), the Union of African Architects (UAA), the Union of Mediterranean Architects (UMAR), the Organisation of Arab Architects (OAA) and the National Council of the Order of Architects of Morocco (CNOA Morocco).
It will open in the presence of their respective presidents Mr. Esa Mohamed, Mr. Abdelouahid Mountassir, Mr. Kaise Kalombo, Mr. Antoine Charbel and André Bekhazi, in Marrakech, on 07 November 2016, from 9 am to 7 pm, on the day of the opening of the International Conference on Climate, COP22, held in the framework of the Convention on Climate Change of the United Nations (UN), taking place in Marrakech from 07 to 18 November 2016.
By continuing the dialogue on the issues raised by the COP21 international conference held on 30 November 2015 in Paris, this event marks a decisive step in the implementation of the Paris recommendations.
Please find the following words from Esa Mohamed, UIA President:
Dear Colleagues,
The UN Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador has just been concluded on 20th October 2016, which saw the endorsement of the New Urban Agenda. It commits the member states to adopt measures that will find equitable and sustainable human settlements and urbanization. The International Conference ¨Architecture and Climate Change¨ organized by the National Council of the Order of Architects (CNOA Morocco) and under the auspices of the International Union of Architects (UIA) for COP 22 comes at the most appropriate moment for us to reinforce the commitments for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda where climate change is one of the emphasis.
During the next 30 years 70 per cent of the world population will be urbanized. This will put tremendous pressures on infrastructure and amenities on countries particularly the developing ones. At the same time the incidence of disasters and natural calamities forces us to be resilient and manage such risks. Climate change risks are real as manifested by several natural disasters that had caused severe loss of lives and damages to properties and infrastructure. Coastal flooding, rise in sea levels, storms, earthquakes, tsunami and other climatic related disasters are matters that have to be considered in design and planning to accommodate the rapid urbanization. The spatial distribution of human settlements of the future will need to take cognizance of these factors to mitigate disasters and be resilient.
Architects have a major role in the urbanization process, building and construction to reduce the impact of climate change. Apart from the ongoing initiatives to make buildings more efficient by reducing the carbon footprint and GHG emission, they have to be more engaging with the community in the planning process. Technology alone will not be the panacea to the climate change impact. Community involvement including the women and children provides solutions to design and resilience. This is the future of the profession in order for it to remain sustainable and relevant.
I wish to thank and congratulate the National Council of the Order of Architects (CNOA Morocco) for organizing this conference with the International Union of Architects (UIA) in partnership with the Africa Union of Architects (AUA), the Union of the Mediterranean Architects (UMAR) and the Organization of the Arab Architects (OAA). I also wish the conference a success that will pave the direction of the profession of Architects henceforth.
Sincerely and best wishes,
Ar Esa Mohamed
UIA President
Event program ¨Architecture and Climate Change¨
9: 00-10: 00h / Welcome to participants
10:00-13: 30h / Opening Session
Home: Abdelouahed MOUNTASSIR, President CNOA (Morocco)
Statement by Mr. Driss Marroun, Minister of Planning and Territorial Development (Morocco)
Introduction: ESA Mr. Mohamed, President of the UIA (France), Mr. Antoine Charbel, President OAA (Lebanon), Ali HYDER, vice president of the UIA Region V (Sudan)
Moderator: Mr. Rashid seddik SEGHIR (Morocco)
Coffee break
Axis 1- The consequences of global warming and the proportion of settlements
Pr Roussel Servine. As a specialist in natural disasters (France)
Mohamed Berdai: Expert on Energy and Environment (Morocco)Axis 2- The first challenge of a sustainable building design
Pr. Dominique Güzin-MULLER (France) Jean DETHIER (France)
Éric BLACK (South Africa)
David Toledano (Morocco)
Ahmed BARROUDI (Morocco)
Testimony: Marie-Hélène CONTAL (France)15: 30-19: 00
Axis 3 – Designing a resilient and sustainable citie
Home: Abdelouahed MOUNTASSIR, President of ANOC (Morocco)
Message from Mr Mohamed Nabil BENABDELLAH, Minister of Housing and Urban Policy (Morocco)
Introduction: Catherine JACQUOT, President of ANOC (France).Interventions:
Frédérique M. Ragot (France)
CHARAFFEDDINE Mahmoud (Lebanon) Jana Revedin (Germany)
Abderrahmane El Fouladi (Morocco) Mr. Amine El hajouj (Morocco)
Smidi Rachid (Morocco)
Mr. Serge SANTELLI (France)
Testimony: Jean DETHIER (France)Summary and closing:
Mohamed Chaoui Omrane (Morocco)

Parallel activities

Symposium, round table, exhibitions, ateliers / Marrakech, from 08 to 12 November 2016

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