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Inauguration of the Getty Foundation, Accra Children’s Library

When: November 16th, 2017, from 8:00 to 19:00

Where: Accra Children’s Library in Ghana


Archiafrika is thrilled to publicly launch their collaboration with the GETTY FOUNDATION in the developing of Conservation Guidelines for the Accra Children’s Library in Ghana. This will involve Students and the public on Wednesday, November 16th, at the library. It is an all day affair and free so come with friends and family .
In the evening, you can meet them at Archiafrika Gallery and Cafe in Usshertown, 2 buildings from Ussherfort, Jamestown Accra.

About the project

ArchiAfrika Accra Children’s Library  is one of the 2016 grants awarded in the grant initiative Keeping It Modern, focused on supporting model projects for the conservation of modern architecture.  The project got a grant support of $140,000.

Soon after its independence in 1957, post-colonial Ghana began a building campaign that affirmed the country’s optimism and established Accra as a center of West African Modernism. An emblem of this movement is the Children’s Library in Accra, designed by the architectural firm of Nickson and Borys in 1966. A deceptively simple façade forms a bris-de-soleil that shields a series of semi open-air spaces from direct sunlight to facilitate natural airflow and cooling. The climate-sensitive design and materials ensured effective functioning of the building without the added need for indoor temperature control, making the library a prime example of “Tropical Modernism.”

Owned by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and maintained by the Ghana Library Board, the Library is recognized as a National Heritage building by the Museum and Monuments Board of Ghana. While the building has been well-maintained over the years, it has never been upgraded nor has it been studied in any detail. In order to ensure that the building is preserved to the highest standards moving forward, a dedicated group of local experts has assembled an international team of specialists that will use Getty support to collaboratively research the library complex and develop a conservation plan. The project team will incorporate training for university students from Ghana and the U.K., and the research results will be shared with international and local audiences through an exhibition about the library’s history.


archiafrikaArchiAfrika is a non-profit organization that aims to put African architecture on the map to ensure that African Architecture is represented within the international architectural discourse, contribute to the understanding and development of design within the continent and encourage the investigation and education of African architectural history. Although started in the Netherlands in 2001, ArchiAfrika has now moved its headquarters of Accra, Ghana. It is our hope that Accra will be the launching point of ArchiAfrika and its mission throughout the continent.



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