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Zeitz MOCAA’s project

Zeitz MOCAA’s project – The brief was to reinvent the historic Grain Silo at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, as a not-for-profit cultural institution housing the most significant collection of contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora. Our first thoughts wrestled with the extraordinary physical facts of the building. There is no large open space within the densely packed tubes and it is not possible to experience these volumes from inside. Rather than strip out the evidence of the building’s industrial heritage, we wanted to find a way to celebrate it. We could either fight a building made of concrete tubes or enjoy its tube-iness… Read more



Zeitz MOCAA – The V&A Waterfront, approached Heatherwick Studio to develop ideas for adapting the iconic grain silo at the Waterfront into a Museum. At the same time, the Zeitz Foundation was seeking a new permanent home for their collection of contemporary art from Africa and it’s diaspora. The two programmes coincided and it was decided that the grain silo would be transformed into a new museum dedicated to contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora… Read more














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