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UIA ‘Friendly and Inclusive’ Awards 2017

Architecture Awards
Launching: 28 September 2016
Registration deadline: 31 January 2017
Open to: All architect members of UIA member sections (Scroll further down to see if you wish your Faculty or Organization to become a member)
Winners Announcement: September 2017, at the UIA Congress, Seoul, Korea


UIA ‘Friendly and Inclusive’ Awards 2017: Call for entries

The International Union of Architects (UIA) announces the launch of the second edition of its Awards “Friendly and Inclusive Spaces”. The awards have been established to promote inspiring examples of friendly and inclusive buildings and spaces that have created socially sustainable environments through high quality architectural design. A special award will be given for evidence based design research that makes a significant contribution to improved quality of life through facilitating a better understanding of human centered design and its application to the design of the built environment.

We were informed by the International Union of Architects that there already are three African programs among the validated schools: two at the University of Cairo in Egypt (AET- BSc in Architectural Engineering and Technology and BSc in Architectural Engineering) and the Architecture school at the American University in Cairo. If you are interested about this competition or any other competition organized by UIA, and would like to participate, scroll down the page to know how to become a UIA member section.


  • Built works designed by architects that have been completed since 30 th November 2013. Works may include new buildings, public spaces and rehabilitation or adaptive reuse of existing or historic buildings and places.
  • Research by an architect or architects completed since 30 th November 2013 which advances the theory and practice of universal and inclusive design.


  1. Public Space
  2. New Buildings
  3. Existing & Historic Buildings
  4. Research


A medal and up to three honourable mentions will be presented in each of Categories 1, 2 and 3. The winner of Category 4 and up to two honourable mentions will receive UIA Certificates. The jury reserves the right not to make any award if, in its opinion, no entry reaches the required standards.

Judging Criteria

Entries in Categories 1, 2 and 3 will be judged on the overall quality of design and how the project has addressed the human factors which make a place friendly, inclusive and enjoyable to use. In particular, where relevant, the jury will consider whether the quality of the architecture:

  • Responds to its context
  • Facilitates orientation, navigation and ease of understanding
  • Acknowledges human diversity, accommodating everyone equally
  • Facilitates usability and accessibility
  • Enhances user experience through appropriate use of scale, form, colour, material and light
  • Contributes to quality of life and independence
  • Reflects user involvement in the design process
  • Takes account of future flexibility and / or adaptability

Innovates where appropriate Entries in Category 4 will be judged on whether the research:

  • Is evidence based
  • Contributes to improved quality of life through facilitating a better understanding of user centred design and its application to the design of the built environment
  • Can be applied widely and used effectively by architects and others to enhance design quality and create inclusive places


For Categories 1 – 3 the selection process will be in 2 stages.

Stage 1: Juries organized by the UIA Architecture for All Work Programmme, including past award winners, will complete the initial evaluation of projects on a regional basis, shortlisting up to a maximum of 3 projects per category per region.

Stage 2: Shortlisted projects will be assessed by an international jury chaired by UIA past president, Vassilis Sgoutas. All UIA regions will be represented on the jury which will include a past medal winner and a lay person.



Regions l & V: Jim Clemes, Luxemburg (honourable mention Durban 2014) / Jane Simpson, UK / Joseph Spiteri, Malta / Fernando Garcia Ochoa Montes, Spain / Isabella Stefan, Italy / Monica Klenovec, Austria / Magda Mostafa, Egypt (winner Research Category Durban 2014) / Phillip Thompson, South Africa

Region ll: Boleslaw Stelmach, Poland (medal winner Tokyo 2011) / Inara Karklina, Latvia / Erno Kalman, Hungary / Sotiris Papadopoulos, Greece / Krzysztof Chwalibog, Poland

Region lll: Gustavo Aguilar Montoya, Costa Rica / Mercedes Elesther Savigne, Cuba / Hándel Guayasamin, Ecuador / Benjamín Marqueda Navarrete, Mexico / Augusto F. Álvarez, Mexico / José Enrique Ariste Chavez, Peru / Eduardo Elkouss, Spain

Region lV: Ar. Akeel Bilgrami, Pakistan / Ar. Allen Kong, Australia (honourable mention Durban 2014) / Ar. Masud Rashid, Bangladesh / Ar. Norwina Nawawi, Malaysia/  Ar. Stephen, HO Kin Wai, Hong Kong


Final Jury: Vassilis Sgoutas, Greece, Past President UIA (Jury Chairman) / Krzysztof Ingarden, Poland, (medal winner Durban 2014) / Krzysztof Chwalibog, Poland, Co-Director UIA Architecture for All WP / Fionnuala Rogerson, Ireland, Co-Director UIA Architecture for All Work WP / Joseph Kwan, Hong Kong, Co-ordinator UIA Region IV Architecture for All WP / Eduardo Elkouss, Spain, Co-ordinator Region lll UIA Architecture for All WP

Decisions of the jury will be by majority vote and will be final


  • Entries open 28 th September 2016
  • Deadline for Submissions and Stage 1 Entry Fee 31st January 2017
  • Shortlisted entrants will be informed by 14th March 2017
  • Stage 2 Entry Fee for shortlisted entries 31st March 2017
  • All shortlisted entrants must submit a panel in an agreed format by 30th April 2017 (template will be supplied). The panels will be printed by SARP in Poland and will be exhibited at the Congress
  • Winners will be informed by 31st May 2017
  • The Awards will be presented at The 26th UIA World Congress of Architecture Award Ceremony in Seoul, South Korea which will take place between the 3rd and 10th September 2017


Projects selected to go through to Stage 2 will be promoted through publication on the UIA and Architecture for All Work Programme websites, social media and/or journals as well as those of UIA member bodies. Press releases publicising the winners will also be sent to international media.


The UIA ‘Friendly and Inclusive’ Awards are organised by the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland-RIAI.

For further information

Entries can be submitted online, here. 

If you want to visit the Union International of Architects website, click here. 

If you wish your Faculty or Organization to become a UIA member section, visit the UIA Membership in their website.

For further information about the Competition, like the Submission Requirements, Entry Fee, Language, Formats and Persons Ineligible, read the Competition Brochure.

Claudia O’Dwyer is the Awards Administrator.

Dr. Sandra O’Connell is the RIAI Communications Manager.

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