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Courtesy of Foster + Partners
BMCE Bank Branches

BMCE Bank Branches -Banque Marocaine du Commerce Exterieur (BMCE) is one of Morocco’s leading banks. Prompted by a desire to transform the experience of high-street banking for its customers, the Bank commissioned a series of flagship branches. Their design follows a modular, thematic approach, with variations in scale and landscaping in response to the different locations. While the branches in Casablanca and Rabat reflect their compact sites in the financial and civic centres on Morocco’s coast… Read more


Droneport exterior view. Courtesy of Foster + Partners
Droneport in Rwanda

Droneport in Rwanda – Lord Foster has launched proposals for the Droneport project in Africa to support cargo drone routes capable of delivering urgent and precious supplies to remote areas on a massive scale. The project is a collaboration between Redline partners led by Afrotech, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL); the Norman Foster Foundation; and Foster + Partners. Cargo drone routes have utility wherever there is a lack of roads. Just as mobile phones dispensed with landlines, cargo drones can transcend geographical barriers such as mountains, lakes, and unnavigable rivers without the need for large-scale physical infrastructure… Read more


Maspero Triangle District
Maspero Triangle District

Maspero Triangle District Masterplan – It was announced by the Egyptian Ministry of State for Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements (MURIS) that Foster + Partners has won the competition to design the masterplan for the Maspero Triangle District in downtown Cairo. The neighbourhood, situated on the banks of the River Nile is characterised by its informal settlements and dense urban fabric… Read more



School in Sierra Leone

School in Sierra Leone – The design drew parallels with a number of early social projects. Its modular system embraced floor, walls and roof on a flexible plan and could be easily assembled and reconfigured to meet the different demands of communities in Sierra Leone. The response to climatic and economic restraints had produced something close to a new vernacular: an ‘architecture without architects’… Read more



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