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Exhibition: Unfinished City

When: Opening 23 February, at 7 pm.

Where: MOAD (Museum of African Design), 281 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg, South Africa

Unfinished city
Courtesy of MOAD

Unfinished City

Johannesburg was never meant to be. Born in 1886, it was the place where poor men came to make fortunes mining for gold. It was not a place to live. The Transvaal’s mineral wealth prompted one of humanity’s ugliest debacles–the Anglo-Boer War from–from 1899 to 1902. The city of Randlords was only meant to be mined, and then left behind.

Johannesburg is still a place of booms and slumps, of new rich and the old.

“We are none of us here for the benefit of our health. Money making and money grabbing is the alpha and the omega of those resident fields…”

Clive Chipkins, in his book “Joburg Styles” quoting a miner from a newsclipping in 1893

Unfinished City is supported by Propertuity, the developers of the Maboneng Precinct.


The Museum of African Design is dedicated to being the foremost museum of African design in the world. The Museum of African Design manifests its commitment to this vision by documenting the dynamic world of African design; by presenting exhibitions and educational programs; by collaborating with partner institutions around the world; and by supporting unparalleled scholarship on African design.

To achieve these goals, The Museum of African Design recognizes:

That African design is not limited to a race or a geography.

That African design is not limited to an aesthetic or a singular history.

That African design is global.

That design and art, and their intermediary genres and manifestations are not meant to be clearly defined or limited. Design can encompass any form of expression, and the arguments around its boundaries are part of an open-ended discussion that can be explored in museum exhibitions and discourse.

This commitment to African design is Pan-African in nature.

That Design Thinking is essential to the world, and especially to Africa’s future.

In sum, The Museum of African Design seeks to exist as a space for conversation, research, and response to the issues of African design – past, present, and future – in an environment that is accessible to everyone.

For further information

For further information about the event, please click visit the official website.

Exhibition: Unfinished City
MOAD (Museum of African Design), 281 Commissioner Street,Johannesburg,South Africa
Starting on
23 February, 2017
Ending on
23 February, 2017

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