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Currency Museum

Currency Museum – The new Currency Museum is located on the waterfront of Luanda, just in the heart of the city downtown, nearby the charismatic headquarters of the National Bank of Angola. The purpose was pretext for two major interventions. On one hand, it disposes the museum spaces below ground, becoming more reserved and quiet. On the other, its roof establishes a new urban square that both denotes the museum. The new museum, with about 4.800 sqm, reveals itself in the stereotomy generated by excavation, with its entry announced by the stairs void and the metallic parasols that generate shadow… Read more



KN10 – The KN10 building – among the first to be completed by COSTA LOPES and home to its head offices – roots itself in its location in Rua Kwame N’Krumah, opposite to Rua Moisés Cardoso, a continuation of the upper city ridge (one of Luanda´s main urban structures) and, on the other hand, in its generic programme which at the time met the need for qualified office spaces. It also takes in account the uncertainty in relation to the transformation of the neighboring urban plots.The horizontal portico, circumscribed in the plot and open to the street, gives place for 10 overlapping functional modules with open-space offices (one or two units with a kitchenette). They are served and anchored by a vertical access core (stairs and lifts, with sanitary facilities on each floor). The building also features 3 underground floors for car parking and technical areas… Read more



Bay Of Luanda Waterfront

Bay Of Luanda Waterfront -The Bay of Luanda gave rise to the urban and architectural waterfront of the capital of Angola and is one of its main foundational patterns. Over time, it has been the most important public space of the city and the social and economic epicentre of the country. Through time, the waterfront attached the downtown neighbourhood and afterwards the major urban networks and expansion routes. Given the current and fast transformation of Luanda downtown, the new Waterfront seeks to protect the urban pattern legitimized by its history… Read more


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Dyeji – The Dyeji Building is located in one of the most central blocks of Parcel 3 of the new embankments, between a set of 57 lots (from the Hotel Marinha to the Nautical Club), in the zone of greater narrowing of the Island. Altough conditioned by the respective plan, it responds to a housing program and some tertiary, enhances the privileged visual exposure and, above all, seeks to help build the new front of the Island… Read more









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