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BUILD JOBURG: Colloquium Week

build joburg

When: 20-24 March, 2017

Where: MOAD (Museum of African Design), 281 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg, South Africa


Colloquium Week with NXXT CITY and Urban-Think Tank.





ETH-GSA Student show on International and local housing typologies.



  • JEPPE ON A FRIDAY│21.03.2017 – 18h00

Followed by a discussion with artists Steven Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter.



  • URBAN – THINK TANK, ZÜRICH│23.03.2017 – 18h00

Professors Alfredo Brillembourg and Hurbert Klumpner followed a by Panel Discussion.



  • GEOFFREY BICKFORD│20.03.2017 – 10h30

Places, people and systems

Bickford is a city-dreamer, often caught up in thoughts about cities in South Africa. He is a Programme Manager at the South African Cities Network (SACN), managing research and knowledge sharing in the built environment.



  • KECIA RUST│20.03.2017 – 11h45

Housing Finance in Africa

Rust is the Executive Director and founder of the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF). She is a housing policy specialist and has worked with both public and private sector practitioners in promoting access to affordable housing and finance in Africa.



  • MARIAPOLA MCGURK│20.03.2017 – 13h30

Connect like an artist

McGurk is the owner and Managing Director of the Coloured Cube: Creative Space Activation founded to establish new methods of engagement within communities for urban regeneration. Her approach is simple: connect and be open to change, experimentation and failure.



  • DR TANYA ZACK│21.03.2017 – 09h45

Infrastructure and in-migration in the Johannesburg Inner City

Zack is an urban planner and reflective practitioner who straddles the worlds of planning practice, policy and academia. Her experience has also included the development of framework plans as well as participatory and activist planning. She is also an author and photographer.



  • DR AIDAN MOSSELSON│21.03.2017 – 10h30

The spatial praxis of Inner City Regeneration

Mosselson is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Gauteng City Region Observatory (GCRO). He researches urban development, the politics of public housing and experiences of changing urban space. He is working on a monograph to be published by Routledge.



  • NICOLETTE PINGO│21.03.2017 – 13h30

Neighbourhoods and Masterplanning

Pingo is a Development Planner at the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), responsible for facilitating neighbourhood development in the inner city. She works on a variety of planning and implementation projects from low-income housing to area based management initiatives.




The Museum of African Design is dedicated to being the foremost museum of African design in the world. The Museum of African Design manifests its commitment to this vision by documenting the dynamic world of African design; by presenting exhibitions and educational programs; by collaborating with partner institutions around the world; and by supporting unparalleled scholarship on African design.

To achieve these goals, The Museum of African Design recognizes:

That African design is not limited to a race or a geography.

That African design is not limited to an aesthetic or a singular history.

That African design is global.

That design and art, and their intermediary genres and manifestations are not meant to be clearly defined or limited. Design can encompass any form of expression, and the arguments around its boundaries are part of an open-ended discussion that can be explored in museum exhibitions and discourse.

This commitment to African design is Pan-African in nature.

That Design Thinking is essential to the world, and especially to Africa’s future.

In sum, The Museum of African Design seeks to exist as a space for conversation, research, and response to the issues of African design – past, present, and future – in an environment that is accessible to everyone.


For further information

For further information aout the event, visit the GSA Unit 16  Facebook Page – Unit 16 is part of the University of Johannesburg’s Graduate School of Architecture’s 2-year master’s degree. Unit 16 sets out to model the next city as a natural habitat in which humans can thrive.

BUILD JOBURG: Colloquium Week
MOAD (Museum of African Design), 281 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg,South Africa
Starting on
20 March, 2017
Ending on
24 March, 2017

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