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COA is an award-winning architecture company founded in 2006 by partners Ian Gray, John van Wyk and Michal Korycki. Projects undertaken include a portfolio, ranging from master planning and urban design, single and multi-residential, hotels and lodges, commercial and mixed use, interiors and brand architecture, retirement estates, educational and sports facilities, as well as bridges and infrastructure.  Projects span many and they have offices in both Cape Town and Durban currently employing more than 30 architects, designers and planners with a more recently added interior design arm.  They share a belief of craft – filtering down to the last degree – from concept to final product. It is this hands-on philosophy that is evident in their work; valuing the creative process above all else places a strong emphasis on a collaborative approach. All of this is made possible by the smart, imaginative minds of their design teams, supported by a strong professional organisation, enabling projects to flow smoothly and timeously.

Lords House

Lords House -Within 20 minutes of visualising possibilities, clients and architect jointly agreed to demolish the existing building and begin again with a white page. The clients’ initial brief was that they wanted to walk into the house and be enraptured by the mountain view, hence the double volume entrance space captures the top of the mountain. They also required the visual of the house to flow through both sides of the living space – but hide the vehicle access – hence the private courtyard. Lastly, they needed accommodation to cater for an extended family and children… Read more










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