Bridge Mzamba / buildCollectiveNPO with CUAS

  • Architect:buildCollectiveNPO
  • Location:Mzamba, Eastern Cape, South Africa
  • Date:2015
  • Collaborators:CUAS (Carinthia University of Applied Science)
  • Awards:AfriSam SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture + Innovation 2015/2016 - Sustainable Social Programme

Bridge Mzamba

Bridge Mzamba – Description from Afrisam.

The community driven project ´bridgingMzamba` originated in the urgent need of and request by surrounding inhabitants for a safe crossing of the Mzamba River and included design and implementation of a 140 Meter long suspension bridge in a collaborative Manner. Through an intensive collective approach with users, students and experts the production of knowledge, cultural exchange, skills development and responsibility is achieved for all Participants. Design and technology had been guided by the reduction of environmental impact, available resources, the implementation with layperson and the hardly accessible construction site.

Courtesy of Afrisam.

The Mzamba Bridge is now connecting residents of a catchment area of 30km to necessary infrastructures such as educational facilities, health care, jobs and general food supply. Further, it serves as a landmark and potential tourist attraction in the area to enable socio-economic development.


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