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BIM BAM BOOM Johannesburg WORKSHOP 2017


When: 4th & 5th July, 2017

Where: Sandton (Venue still to be finalised), Johannesburg, South Africa



The building industry is not great at accepting change and as BIM makes its way onto the scene, people don’t realise this is a tool not only used in the design phase, but can be carried on to the construction and management phases of the project.

The two day workshop will explore and explain how to get the most out of a Building Information modelling life cycle. Over the course of the two days, we will have various design professionals from different organizations speaking on case studies, on how they break down a Building Information Modelling execution plan.

The workshop also looks at the three main stages of a building construction and design project (design, construction and management) and describes how a BIM Execution Plan (BXP) can be used within the different phases of Building Information Model (BIM), Building Assembly Model (BAM) and Building Optimize Operations Model (BOOM).

The aim is to educate professionals on how to get the most out of a Building Information Model Management Plan (BMP)rather than just using it as a 3D design tool.

Throughout the workshop it will be been explained how protocols must be executed and why it is so beneficial in a BIM project. It is fundamental for us implement BIM standards based on the international BIM framework. Using the Building Information Model method through the three key stages also creates a bridge between all the parties involved in the process creating a cohesive and team orientated project environment.


With the huge success of the first BIM BAM BOOM workshop in Durban in February, this is a must attend  and a fundamental workshop for all building & design professionals in the Gauteng region to ensure value added BIM in your projects and take a look at case studies in what problems BIM is best at solving and how to manage change to the BIM workflow within an organisation, plus what Human challenges can you expect in the process. Design Software & Collaboration is a very important aspect to a successful BIM project and all three case studies will look at how to define the right tools for each project and the various different solutions BIM offers and common Data challenges. This and much more will be discussed through the day.

BIM-educational activities

Now in its second year, the BIM Institute has evolved to include BIM-educational activities owing to the growing needs of built environment professionals such as QS, architects, engineers, to be educated about 3D design, Building Information Modelling and working in an open data environment where all professionals that are working on a complex infrastructure project can access the same information via the cloud.

“The key objective to promoting BIM continuing education at partnered events, such as the Smart Building Summit, Totally Concrete and Cape Construction Expo, is to upskill delegates in BIM methodologies and to optimise the effectiveness of processes and workflows on a BIM project,”

– Vaughan Harris, executive director, BIM Institute.

Knowledge exchange

The BIM BAM BOOM workshops are held over two-day events in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. They are targeted at professionals keen to become acquainted with BIM protocols while gaining knowledge exchange from design professionals, contractors and asset managers in the built environment.

“We believe this will assist in closing the knowledge gap that exists between us and other first world countries,”

– adds Harris

The workshops will provide a special platform to educate industry professionals and other key decision-makers on implementing international BIM standards and processes on projects in Africa. This will also allow members to engage and understand templates (i.e. BIM execution plan).

“3D modelling is just part of the BIM process and will only drive transformation if it’s combined with wider and deeper support from the industry, including behaviour, culture, transparency and processes,”

– Concludes Harris


Limited to 50 seats only!

Reasons to attend

  • NEW for 2017! Attend two day training workshops with CPD Accreditation on BIM, implementation plans, advantages and lessons learned.
  • NEW for 2017! Gain insight into new global BIM procedures under tender and understand all potentialities of using BIM in an IFC environment.
  • Interact with key BIM users to understand how utilizing BIM can ensure that major architectural and engineering projects are delivered to design specifications, within South Africa.
  • Update knowledge on BIM processes such as EIR (Employers Information Requirements) and CDE (Common Data Environments) to acquire the full potentiality of BIM
  • Achieve your current and future development objectives and strategies by identifying international processes, optimizing existing workflow configurations.
  • Develop your network of peers, decision makers and solution providers to increase your knowledge base and expertise resources in Africa.
  • Listen to three top commercial streams experiences, knowledge, best practices and successful stories on BIM used on local projects.

Who you will meet

  • Public Works CIO’s, Directors, Heads and Managers of BIM, Senior Management, Infrastructure Engineers¸ Project Managers as well as BIM experts.
  • This event will not involve Software  Vendors or the use of BIM tools.

Topics for discussions at the event will include

  • Value proposition BIM implementation throughout the construction processes.
  • BIM implementation practices, the winning formula
  • Evolving BIM standards in South Africa
  • Integration of BIM (Digital Assets) with smart cities, the future
  • New BIM ISO standards and standardization to be published in 2017
  • Case studies on megaprojects implemented with BIM.
  • Overview of the role of the BIM Institute
  • Presentation by the Public Works Authority the current status of BIM within the built environment
  • How to extend into all disciplines and stages of a project, including post completion?
  • BIM introduction on the project and initiate collaboration between the various participants within the consortium
  • Understand the importance of IFC on a project
  • How to take advantage of BIM object libraries available in SA
  • Download and start using BIM templates and methodologies for your projects.
  • Benefit from an internationally accredited workshop and gain insight into the international BIM network.

If you want to know the Complete Workshop Program, please keep scrolling down the page.

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co-Organized and Hosted by


The BIM Institute was established in May 2015 in partnership with Hypenica and CanBIM.

The overriding objective of the BIM Institute is to promote the development and improvement of information technology processes in the construction industry.

The BIM Institute and its solution providers recognize that a successful construction industry is essential to us all and now is the time for us to rethink our quality control systems for us all to benefit. We wish to see the dramatic improvements by helping deliver the standards and requirements of the Building Information Modelling strategy for Africa while also promoting other information technology processes and standards in our industry that can help strengthen South Africa’s construction industry for the future of any construction project implementation and beyond. 

The BIM Institute are in alliance with organisations within the construction and facilities management sectors dedicated to improving processes within the industry through defining the use and sharing of information.

The current work being carried out by the BIM Institute includes:

  • Education and BIM Accredited professional status
  • Interfacing with local and international partners to tackle the BIM strategy for Africa.
  • Hosting events and providing media publications to promote BIM in Africa

Partners and affiliated members within the BIM Institute include architects, engineers and contractors, building owners, facility managers, manufacturers, software vendors, information providers, universities and more.

We encourage all industry members from every part of our industry to join the BIM Institute as an individual or company. When we collectively use information technology or BIM, everyone stands to gain.

For further information

For further information about the Event, check out the event´s website. 

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If you want to know the Complete Workshop Program, please here,

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BIM BAM BOOM Johannesburg WORKSHOP 2017
Starting on
4 July, 2017
Ending on
5 July, 2017
The workshop also looks at the three main stages of a building construction and design project (design, construction and management) and describes how a BIM Execution Plan (BXP) can be used within the different phases of Building Information Model (BIM), Building Assembly Model (BAM) and Building Optimize Operations Model (BOOM).

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