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The three partners in Architects Of Justice, Mike Rassmann, Kuba Granicki and Alessio Lacovig, formally established their practice in 2009 after working in various other architectural practices. “Our main reason for starting our own business, was that we wanted to do architecture in a way that all the projects we touched would be unique and exciting,” explains Rassmann. The three partners share the same goal of wanting to make a positive effect on the built environment by doing justice to their clients, their sites and architecture in all of their projects.

SEED Library

SEED Library – In 2010 the Architects Of Justice were commissioned by the MAL foundation, South Africa’s first non-profit creative agency, to design a world class library for the MC Weiler Primary School in Alexandra, Johannesburg. The intention was that this design could be used as a blueprint for future libraries in South African schools. The design started by identifying the various spaces that make up a comprehensive library and designing each of them in a way that would be exciting and stimulating for children. These spaces, which were carefully arranged on the selected site at the school to suit the existing conditions and needs of the school… Read more


Micro SEED Libraries

Micro SEED Libraries – Given this a decision was made to move away from the shipping container as a building material opting instead for a steel frame building with self supporting insulated EPS panels that would all be prefabricated, flat packed onto the back of a single truck, for delivery, and assembled almost anywhere, without any heavy machinery, on site within a week, thereby reducing the hassle of procurement processes, and making for a well suited temporary aid to the enormous lack of educational facilities in the South Africa… Read more



Private Lodge at Mjejane Game Reserve

Private Lodge at Mjejane Game Reserve – The site for the project, situated within the Mjejane Private Game Reserve – a private Big 5 game reserve incorporated into the Kruger National Park – opens onto a view of the Crocodile River on the north boundary with a green belt on its eastern edge. The retreat was designed to maximise the connection to nature and wild game while ensuring privacy between the five en-suite bedrooms as well as from neighbouring lodges. The rigorous estate guidelines motivated the architects to design around the existing flora on the site, which led to a freeform design that required only three trees to be replanted... Read more










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